Add Drama to Holiday Decorating

Add Drama to Holiday Decorating

Create drama in your home for the holidays with a few key decorator tips that you can use to quickly transform any room that are easy and inexpensive.

Use Color to Add Drama to Holiday Decorating

Use the colors of the season in the furnishings of your home. Using a single color scheme for holiday decorating can make a statement with little other decorations needed. Look around each room to the key pieces of furniture. If any of the main pieces have any of the reds, greens, gold, browns, mustard, cream or blues of the holiday, those will be the colors to start to work with.

Add accessories to the room using the already existing colors to help them pop and take on a larger presence – the drama. Examples of accessories to use are pillows, lamp shades, throws, candle sticks, candles, and any of your holiday decorations. Find holiday decorating accessories online for the best discounts and prices to compare.

Organize and store any accessories or pieces that do not follow your holiday color scheme until the holiday is over. Too many accessories will confuse the eye and you want the color to be the drama in each room for holiday decorating.

Create a Large Focal Point to add drama to Holiday Decorating

To add drama to home for holidays, create a large focal point to each room or at least the main rooms.

Find a large vase, urn or metal bucket to use as a large focal point on a buffet table, dining table or front entry table. Look for unusual items that could be re-purposed for a large vase.

Add a Styrofoam block at the base of the vessel chosen to hold branches and flowers.

Add a few larger sized branches from a tree in your yard to the Styrofoam – a few tall branches add height and drama to a room. Vary the height of the branches for a more natural and eye appealing look.

Fill in the vase with either fresh, silk or dried greenery around the sides so that they hang or drape gently.

Add a tall sprig or two of silk poinsettia in red if that would work with your color scheme or white which would work in any color scheme.

Add additional fresh, silk or dried flowers and natural elements in your particular color scheme for the room.

Create a Holiday Arrangement of Decorations

To add drama to Holiday Decorating, create small groupings of holiday decorations on a side table, mantle, and windowsill or entry table.

Choose holiday decorations that will coordinate with your color scheme as the main decorative pieces. Use all sleds, all snowflakes, snowmen, reindeer or other decorative items that have color in each piece that will help to draw the eye from one area of the room to another simply by using a color as the focal point.

Do something similar in an adjoining room or all the rooms in your home that evoke a theme.

Decorate a Christmas Tree for Holiday Decorating

By decorating your Christmas tree using the same color coordinating idea, the tree will have become even more of a dramatic focal point to the room rather than having it showcase many colors. Many interior designers, hotels and stores use this same principle when decorating to make the tree more of a dramatic decoration.

A great way and fun way to decorate each room fairly inexpensively is to add a different Christmas tree to each room and decorate to coordinate with the existing room colors. Christmas trees come in a wide variety of colors, styles and sizes for tables, minis or full sized.

Elevate Holiday Decorations to Create a Visually Appealing Centerpiece

Use levels of various sizes and heights to showcase your decorative pieces.

Place a small gift box next to a larger gift box next to a taller gift box on a side table or entryway table or at the center of the dining room table.

Cover the boxes with a piece of fabric or lace that will coordinate with your holiday color scheme.

Place an important decorative item or collectible item on the center box.

Add a small decorative item on the tallest box and another item of importance on the first box.

In front of the centerpiece you're creating, place several candles of various heights. This will draw the eye up and down instead of at just one piece which is more visually appealing when decorating.

Repeat this idea in another room or two with other items that you want to showcase or show their importance in your decorating scheme.

Showcase Holiday Decorations with Lights

Lights can add drama to any and all of your holiday decorations. Try to spotlight an important holiday decoration to show it's importance. Add coordinating colored lights to a vase or centerpiece to highlight it.

Add indoor window lights that can double as a nightlight for the room and add a glow to all your other decorations in the room.

Add flickering lights around greenery on a mantle that helps to move the eye from one end of the mantle to the other. Flickering lights are also attractive to children and can be a whimsical addition if used on toys, sleigh or the Christmas Tree.

Use different types of lights and colored light bulbs on a Christmas Tree in any room of the home.

Add colored light bulbs in a china hutch or other rooms in the home for easy and effective Holiday Decorating.

Add a single window light to each window to add drama to the exterior of your home that can double as a nightlight by changing the color of the lightbulb.

Use holiday dessert plates and holiday themed linens as a fast and easy way to add holiday drama to the dining room, kitchen or a hutch.

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Purchase holiday decorations online to find great deals on Christmas trees, Christmas ornaments, snowflakes, sleighs, bells, snowmen, candles, holiday linens, holiday lights and spotlights and greenery or other holiday florals. Start with what you have and add a few key pieces to add Drama to Holiday Decorating and have fun!