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Add Facebook background color to your profile and make it a lot more catchy and attractive. Through such, you are able to also relate your personality to your profile in just having to follow several simple instructions.

Facebook: Opening Itself to Innovation

Add Facebook background color to you profile and make the most out of your social networking site experience. You have been used to customize backgrounds for other social networking sites like. If you ever wonder if there exists the same method for Facebook, you just have to search for instructions and follow them accordingly. Facebook adds this feature to facilitate creativity in profile appearance and join the healthy competition with the same feature found in other social networking sites.

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Though Facebook has been really considered as one of the best social working sites nowadays, it must still be develop its site and add features that would satisfy the online users’ contentment regarding their use of such. It has been quickly dominating the social networking world if you may notice and there are many other sites that would want to take the spot from Facebook. To maintain the glory, Facebook must be open to constant innovation.

The Need For Creative Features

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With the increasing number of Facebook all around the world, the need for adding more touch of your personality to every profile is somehow necessary. There arises the need to customize the profiles to make them more attractive and of course stand out and be distinct, one from the other. Most of you may not be aware that this is already possible by just following easy instructions. More than colors, even layouts can be used to change the appearance of the profile which can even be better because pictures and even text can be added to the background depending on layout design.

Instructions for Background Color Change

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Here are just some of the instructions in changing the color of your Facebook profile. First, you must use the Mozilla Firefox as your browser when setting this up. If you still don’t have the browser, you can download it online for free. Then, you have to install Greasemonkey, an add-on or Firefox extension that lets you customize the appearance of the pages that you visit through the browser. After installing, you have to restart the browser. Then, you can already install the Auto-Colorizer for Facebook or the Facebook Color Changer through the said add-on.

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If you will have to choose which between the two is better, Facebook Color Changer will have to be it because you have the freedom to choose the colors that you want unlike the Auto-Colorizer that has pre-set color backgrounds.

After these, try to go to your Facebook account of course through your Mozilla Firefox Browser. Then, go to Tools, Greasemonkey, User Script Commands, then choose Customize Facebook Colors. You will just have to choose the colors, set it up and it’s already applied to your profile. For Auto-Colorizer, it has a pre-set color that will customize the page on its own.

Instructions for Customized Layout Change

Aside from changing the colors, it is also possible for you to personalize the backgrounds and use layouts for your profile. However, this customization is through the browser plug-in only. The layout cannot be viewed if those who are viewing it, say your friends for example, does not have the application or the feature installed. This is good because they give the people the freedom to choose if they want to view the profiles in a customized manner or not.

If you already have the layout extension installed in your browser, you need to create a user account. This will serve as the storage for the personal Facebook layouts that you have created for public viewing and use as well through a public gallery. This easily facilitates putting a touch of your personality to your profile through the said customized layouts.

How will then you be able to create a personalized background or layout? You just have to follow easy instructions and you are already off to a new, eye-catchy and customized profile. First, you have to choose the color theme for your layout. Color theme would mean that this is the main or dominating color for the layout that you are about to make. This includes the colors of every part of the page. You have the freedom to choose any color that you like. You just have to be careful in making sure those colors and their combinations will be eye-friendly, meaning they are not much striking to the eyes.

After choosing them, you can know upload or add your images of your choice to be used in your layout. These can actually be any photo you like. Again, you are given the freedom and the creativity to manipulate and design the tool the way you want it look like. After being uploaded, the photo will be turned into a pattern that will repeatedly appear behind you Facebook profile. If you want several photos though, you can upload as many as you want and place them according to where you want each to be placed.

So, after doing all of these you are now down to your last touches for your personalized layout. This includes choosing the color of your text, the image transparency and the layout design as a whole. If you are already done with this, you can already save it and name it with a unique name to also catch the attention of many users and make them use your layout. After saving, it will then be already published. You can have a preview of how does it look like or you can directly view it on your page.


Add Facebook background color and not only make it stand-out among others but also make it a more realistic expression of your personality. With these feature, we can say that Facebook even gained more of the appreciation of many users because they are given the freedom to modify its appearance according to how they really want it to be. It means that they really have a say on their page. Add Facebook background color and turn your Facebook profile page into a creative manifestation of your freedom to shoe your personality through your page.