Internal Window boxes will add more light to a room

 Add an Internal window-box and you will Increase Space to a Small Room. How many times have you complained about your tiny kitchen or sitting room? If you answered yes then this article may interest you. A small area can be opened up to appear larger by building an internal window-box. Unless you are a builder then I would not suggest you try to build this yourself.

We live in a little old home and my kitchen has an extended internal window-box built out from my kitchen sink. It is a great place to stand and do the dishes while watching the traffic going by. There is plenty of room for me to grow my herbs and display many other trinkets that I have nowhere else to display from lack of space.

This window-box Clinched the Sale

If I was honest it was this window-box that turned the tide in choosing to buy this home. It not only makes the kitchen appear larger but adds extra light into the home. It creates a talking piece for my visitors and like any shop window display, you can change the appearance whenever you feel like it.

I display my husband's lead light terrariums or candle lights in the window or have a shell display or create a mixture of everything like in the above picture.

All glass window-boxes

You need to realize that if you create a beautiful glass window-box it will become very hot inside the window-box. In summer it would pay to display non living creations in this by using fake plants.

We normally have a shade cloth area which covers this although we pulled it down to remove overgrown palm trees. The shade cloth will go back again to protect my garden before this coming summer, at least I hope it will.


External Window boxes

If you could not build an internal window box then do not despair you can still add an external one that will give you an area to display many different types of plants depending on the season?

Heat and cold will make a lot of difference as to what you can plant in your external window boxes. Whether your window is protected from the sun or open to frosts will be another thing you need to factor in.

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Suggestions for external window boxes

Sunny window-boxes- These would be suitable to plant petunias, pansies, calendulas or for more ideas check with your local garden centre. It would be a good idea to use moisture crystals in these window-boxes to help keep them damp.

Shady window-boxes – You can try planting begonias, forget-me-nots, coleus and impatience.

Herb window-boxes - Most types of herbs will grow well in a semi- shade window box. I have successfully grown parsley, mint, oregano, dill, tarragon and thyme. If you have a taller area you may wish to try growing lavender or rosemary.

Again it is very important to check with your local garden centre for more ideas and information on what types of fertilizers to use when planting a window box in your particular area.

Fake or Faux Window

If you cannot add a window box then I have another idea to make your any room in your home look lighter and brighter. You can create a fake or faux window. These will not really add more light although it will give the effect of more light.

A fake window can be dressed up to look light a real window.