When most people think of outdoor light for a camping lot, they think of rope lights and lighted palm trees. That is an obvious choice and this option works extremely well for lighting up the night, but it doesn’t have to be your only choice. If you have a camping lot out in a camping and residential community, you probably will upgrade to something a little more sophisticated as you add on to your landscape. Especially if you convert your camper to a cottage, then you will definitely want to add something of a permanent nature to your outdoor decor.

My first suggestion would be to add a lamp post next to the entrance of your driveway. There are many different styles to choose from such as contemporary to the English old world design. Not only are the designs different but there are plenty of metals to choose from to compliment the theme of your landscape. After you decide on a particular type of lamp post or design your own be sure to carry this theme throughout the rest of your landscape design. A lamp post will give your entrance and inviting feel as well as providing a security light in your front yard.

Next, I would add some solar paver lights alongside or incorporated within walkways and patios. These are usually sealed glass lights that are durable enough to be driven or walked on without breakage. You can purchase solar lights that last up to 8 hours of continuous use and last up to 100,000 hours total use. These pavers will illuminate your walkways with a bright crisp light that will enable you and your guest to navigate around your gardens and landscape features during those long summer nights.

Lighted Willow BranchCredit: AmazonUsing lanterns to light your gazebo or patio table adds that perfect touch of flickering glow that can add a little romance to your moonlit dinner. Adorn your outdoor table with some Blue Glass Moroccan lanterns for a romantic touch. Another romantic piece is the Lighted Willow Branch that can be made into a breath taking piece. Try suspending some colored bottles with tea light candles inside from tree branches for a soft willowy look. These types of illuminations can add some mystery and depth to your garden décor.Pisa Oil TorchesCredit: Amazon

For a more festive look, Tiki torches are always in style. Paper lanterns can add a nice touch too. You can have a whimsical look or upgrade to a more sophisticate feel with the Pisa Copper Oil Torches. These are more expensive, but they speak for themselves with beauty and class. Whichever theme you start with you should try to be cohesive throughout the entire landscape.

Adding outdoor lighting to your camping lot will add a serene feel to your landscape as well as increase your property value. Incorporating lighting fixtures along pathways and garden features adds security and beauty to your landscape design. This is an aesthetically pleasing addition that you will enjoy for many years to come. Remember to utilize the same theme from the entrance to the backyard for a professional and cohesive look.

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