Add Romance to the Holiday

Add Romance to the Holiday

We all have our own definitions of romance or what is romantic. According to wikipedia, they describe romance as:

In relationships

During the initial stages of a romantic relationship, there is more often more emphasis on emotions - especially those of love, intimacy, compassion, appreciation and affinity rather than physical intimacy.

Within an established relationship, romantic love can be defined as a freeing or optimizing of intimacy in a particularly luxurious manner (or the opposite as in the "natural"), or perhaps in greater spirituality, irony, or peril to the relationship.

If you'd like to have more romance to the holiday this year with your partner, consider some of these ideas to create those special feelings with a little planning.

Using all the Senses to add romance to the Holiday

Our senses are how we communicate with each other since they are connected through the nervous system of the brain and each evokes a feeling in the body. By using each of the senses to the fullest, we can evoke a sense of romance to the holiday.

Sight – by using our sense of sight and vision, it is possible to help create a romantic mood to a date by the way we dress and present ourselves to the other person. It's much more romantic to dress in a sexy outfit than wearing sweatpants. Give your partner a visually stimulating look to enhance the romance in your relationship.

Hearing – by the body's complex web of vibrations and impulses through a set of nerves, our hearing ability enables us to locate direction and distance of sound which send signals to the brain. The sense of hearing helps us to recognize words that can evoke a romantic relationship.

Smell – the nose contains many membranes and receptors that send signals to the brain through a complicated set of nerves. Our sense of smell can be aesthetically pleasing to many and is one reason for the popularity of perfumes, fragrance, scent and aromas of all different types. The sense of smell and taste are linked together.

Touch – the skin is the largest organ of the body and contains millions of nerve endings that are quite senstive especially the areas of the tips of fingers as well as our sexual organs.

Taste – the tip of the tongue and taste buds throughout the mouth are particularly sensitive areas of the body as well as containing nerves that send sensations to the brain.

Using all the senses together is usually more effective at adding romance to the holiday or any occasion compared to using only one of the senses. Find ways to create intimacy and to show feelings of love.

Ways to Add Romance to the Holiday

Music – plays an important role in setting a mood especially when soft, instrumental or lyrical sounds are played lightly in the background. Music helps our sense of hearing and can either add or harm the romantic mood. Romance usually involves softer music that is soothing and relaxing. Adding a favorite musical artist to your evening plans can help you set the romantic mood you're looking for.

Scents – by using the sense of smell, we can help set a mood and can surely affect the romantic tone of a planned evening. By placing scented oils, scented candles or scented potpourri around the room we can enhance a feeling of intimacy. Wearing a partner's favorite perfume or fragrance can enhance the sense of smell that is pleasing and sends romantic signals to the brain. Many people find the smell of a delicious meal cooking as a romantic and thoughtful gesture as well.

Hearing – whispering sweet nothings is a phrase that was coined to explain the act of speaking softly and gently into one's ear to evoke a romantic response. Having a thoughtful and pleasing conversation with a loved one while looking closely into their eyes can help to create interest and romance to a relationship and enhance your holiday experience together. Singing your partner's favorite song to or with them can also be a very romantic gesture. Reading poetry or writing poetry is very romantic to many and something you may want to consider as a new gesture.

Vision – by using our sense of sight, it is possible to help create a romantic mood to a date simply by dimming the lights or by the way we dress and present ourselves to the other person. It's much more romantic to dress in a sexy outfit that is clean, sharp and attractive than wearing sweatpants. Give your partner a visually stimulating look to enhance the romance in your relationship.

Touch – is the final sense that can evoke a feeling of romance. By using a soft, gentle stroking pattern with our partner we can relay love and intimacy feelings without speaking a word. A soft massage can be the start of your romantic time together. Dancing can assist in adding romance since it usually involves touching and closeness with the other person. Kissing is a romantic art in itself and when done in a thoughtful, relaxing and soft way can definitely be the start of a romantic holiday.

Consider surprising your loved one over the holidays with a romantic weekend getaway. Make all the arrangements at a beautiful hotel and find one that offers free happy hour, breakfast or a dinner discount. Then pack the bags, bring special lotions and oils, candles and your favorite beverage. Surprise your loved one on the way to dinner by stopping at the hotel to check out the entertainment. Just make sure you both have time off from work and no other plans are already made. It's a most romantic gesture to plan a surprise getaway over the holidays or any day!

All of the senses are so intricately attached through the body that by using all the senses together in a mindful and thoughtful way, we can easily add romance to the holiday. Think of other ways to use your creativity and imagination so that you can add romance to the holiday.