teak benchesIf you're searching for the perfect teak bench for your beautiful garden or an addition to your home, there are many styles crafted from this gorgeous wood using kilns for the drying process. The reason teak has become so popular for outside benches is that when touched by metal there is no corrosion. That is one of the reasons that there are still benches made of teak in parks today that are over 100 years old. For those interested in our environment, teak is the wood of choice because it is still cultivated on plantations and transported by elephants meaning that there are no poisonous fumes emitted into the environment by transportation machinery.

If you have purchased a teak bench for your garden or even an inside patio environment, the upkeep for your bench can be maintained in either of two easy ways. The first one is for your outdoor bench. You can just let the teak age gracefully with the elements of the outdoors turning your bench into a gorgeous silvery grey tone in two or three years and it will continue to become more beautiful as it ages. If you prefer the honey tone color of teak, then you will have to put a very small amount of work into the project. This can easily be done by letting the teak weather naturally for a few weeks. After that period, the application of a teak sealer should then be applied approximately one time per year to retain this beautiful honey color.

Professionals that work with teak wood recommend that a teak oil not be used at all on your bench. As this oil is usually not pure teak oil it will not compliment the wood. The truth is that after using this artificial oil, debris will attach itself to the teak wood and can cause problems after time has passed and the debris has built up on the wood. It will no longer have the luster it once had and it may take some work to remove the debris and return the teak back to it's natural beauty.

If you wish to add a special mood to your bedroom, a teak seat at the end of your bed covered in a soft velvet or a fine leather will add that extra feeling of elegance while you sit there slipping into your shoes for the day or for slipping out of them for a relaxing evening. A bench can also add style to your newly decorated bathroom/dressing room area creating a luxurious area to relax away the stresses accumulated throughout your busy day. Teak shower stools and teak spa benches also make an elegant statement in any bathroom.

A bench made of teak and leather would be perfect in an inviting entryway into your home, plus they can have hidden compartments for storage combining beauty and function. There are so many pieces of furniture made of teak wood it would be impossible to list them and their prices. Considering their beauty and durability, the prices for anything from a shower stool to an outdoor bar with stools to a one-of-a-kind teak bench that are elegant and functional, the prices are exceptionally reasonable.