For some people, retro curtains equate to checked curtains but retro doesn't stop merely at the use of checks or even colors. Retro is more about the use of bold colors and large prints, it is about the combination of different patterns or designs that have no special relevance to their surroundings. It is an expression of joy and hope, without really caring about whether it offends the eye or pleases it.

A lot of consideration should be given to the way the kitchen curtains are selected and hung. The kitchen is the hub of most rooms around which the rest of the household operates. As such, controlling the light in the room and setting a tone that feels calm and peaceful is very important. This extends to the kitchen windows.

The worst way in which your windows can look is naked. Not only do you lack the privacy that most people need but the light and the heat will come streaming in making it particularly uncomfortable living in your home. Selecting suitable window treatments is not a particularly difficult science.

The first thing you should be looking to achieve is the ability to close your curtains to darken the room when needed and cut off prying eyes when you need some privacy. The ultimate aim is to frame the window with a fabric that looks the part when compared to the surrounding décor in the room.

Old style retro kitchen curtains can be used with great effect to create a fresh and bright atmosphere. Retro curtains can be considered to be the type of curtains that were popularly used in the 1950s and 60s. This was a time of experimentation both with colors and new materials, when optimism was peaking and the fashion trends reflected it. Light, breezy curtains featuring floral designs were commonly used and they represent a style that continually comes back into fashion.

Placing retro curtains on your windows gives you the opportunity to experiment with color and use some of the smaller accents to highlight those that are found in other linen items displayed around the room. Tablecloths, tea-towels, chair cushions, decorative plates or jugs can all be used as simple inspiration for the curtains to balance nicely.

Ultimately, as long as you have chosen a fabric that you like and are using colors or designs that blend easily with the rest of the room you will have met your goal.