By far the most profitable way to increase value to your house is to add an extension, therefore increasing the size of the property. Extensions themselves will be contingent on the existing space of your property and land, so the question will be: do you extend up or outwards? Enlarging the size of your house is a costly exercise and not everyone has the cash to do this; so the other options is to convert the room you already have, which couple be as simple as changing the furniture to a larger conversion such as using your garage. One thing to examine before going ahead and changing that extra space, is to check the conversion meets local planning and safety rules.

Check out the value and kind of homes in your area before you make plans to add an extra bedroom. If a four-bedroom home is on a street of mainly two and three-bedroom houses, you might find it hard to recoup the cost of adding a fifth or sixth bedroom.

The other alternative is to extend into the loft in your home. Altering a three-bedroom property into a four-bedroom house using a loft conversion/extension can cost $30,000-$40,000, but can add double that in market value, depending on the location. Attic extension allows you to utilize potential space. Instead of building an external extension for the home (which will inevitably consume outside living space), loft conversions can be a very profitable and worthwhile home addition to create usable living space.

Consider using the services of a professional architect to help you design and draw up plans for your loft conversion, they can help you make the best use of space and available budget. Another perk of using an architect is they can help you work through the numerous rules and building code issues with these types of extensions. Other things in their remit, is offer recommendations on how to best place lighting, ventilation and heating as well as strengthening the floor and where to put the access.

Think about your loft and what it contains; maybe a chimney stack, an air conditioning unit, hot water tank to name a few. By drawing up a plan that includes these structures, rather than trying to hide them, the end result should be far more functional and attractive.

Try not to convert the loft so it can only be used in one way, if you decide to sell the property in the future, a potential buyer needs to be able to project their own thoughts onto the space created.