Freelance writers will sometimes turn their writing focus to editing. Editing is a function that many writers already do with publication of articles and other content they produce for the web or with books. Why not get paid for services that you already do? As a writer add to your writing income with online editing jobs. Not every editing position is a good fit for every writer. These are several different editor/editing online writing jobs that many writers show an interest in pursuing.


Proofreading is certainly not for everyone. If you are proofreading a piece of content that created by a professional that has done a wonderful job with their writing  can be boring at times.

Proofreading is sometimes referred to as proofing or copy proofing. Before manuscripts become books they are edited. After editing manuscripts are proofread before they are published. Generally a proofreading online writing job entails lower level corrections that identify misspelled words, grammar mistakes or typos that occur. Proofing a manuscript can also be composed of verifying that formatting of a document looks correct for publication. A proofer can check the lineup of subtitles for matching, substantiate if bad break lines have occurred or even corroborate words are divided correctly from page to page. Proofreading can also mean comparing a new document to an old document where corrections were requested.

Freelance writers find proofreading appealing because it doesn’t take a great deal of experience and can be done from any place. This is a great online writing editing job that can add to your writing income.

Technical editor

Technical editing focuses on the technical nature of content in a document. The level of editing or proofing for each online writing job for technical editing can vary. Freelance writers that specialize in a given area of tech knowledge can benefit from technical editing jobs. For an example, if you happen to specialize in the medical field you can certainly find a great deal of work and income with medical documents or content with ease.

Permissions editor

Add to your writing income with permissions editing. Permissions editing is composed of verifying the rights to reprint certain material contained within a document have been received. Lots of times there are pictures as well as written material that must have permission to reprint because they are copyrighted material. Writers will discover song lyrics and poetry lines also. Writers that freelance with insider knowledge of the book industry find a lot of work to add to their writing income as a permission editor.

Productions editor

Production editors coördinate a book near the end of their publishing road. Production editors organize with typesetters and printers that a book is ready for market. This position can add to your writing income, but cannot necessary be performed by every freelance writer. The work is generally performed inside of a publishing house and is difficult to work as an online freelance writing job.

Manuscript editor

A freelancer writer with insider knowledge of the book industry can perform as a manuscript editor to add to their income. Mostly published authors are found in this role. The focus of manuscript editing is on the quality of a piece of content or book.

A manuscript editor will need substantial info of the publishing industry because they are providing feedback on the viability of the content in the industry and how well the publication will do for sales and marketing.

Integrity editor

Integrity editing is fairly simple for any freelance writer. This online writing job concentrates on making certain any type of cross-reference in a book or  in large articles, like journal pieces and other types of non-fictional work is correct. For an example, if a piece of content has a manuscript note that indicates a table 2.4 or see table 2.4 the table 2.4 is present and correct within the content. Proofreaders can sometimes do this same type of work. This is one of the more popular editing jobs for freelance writers.

Copy editor

Copy editors are some of the more familiar editors in publishing. They have also been referred to as mechanical editors or even stylistic editors and have their attention less on the content of work and more on the mechanics. Copy editing is one of the largest ways to add to income with freelance editing jobs.

The details that incorporate copy editing are spelling, grammar, sentence structure and consistency in writing. Nearly every manuscript needs a copy editor which makes this type of work wide-spread and available for a lot of freelancers at different specialty levels. Copy editors necessary for magazines, books, web content and many more published pieces of content.

These are a number of different types of online freelance editing jobs that can be performed by writers. Having the skills and knowledge to do each of these will vary. However, as a freelance writer consider how you can add to your writing income with online editing jobs.