Regardless of what anyone says, all addictions have a definite definable beginning and a definite definable conclusion. You can choose the end of yours; an active recovering lifestyle or death. Whatever addiction you may be involved with at this time you do know that yours started with a specific event in your life which is identifiable in its beginning and course flow. Your addiction will also have an identifiable ending of the active cycle.

Identify Your Addictions Starting Point

You may have some difficulty identifying the actual start of your addiction, but you can be reasonably accurate about what happened when it started. We do know that you can definitely see the results of your continued usage of whatever drug or activity happens to be the one of your choice. The debilitating effects will be displayed in all their horrible attributes in your life and the lives of others you love. And they will be visible throughout the construction of your continuing addictive lifestyle.

This said, no matter what happens, your addiction will always be active or inactive. You will find out that you will always have it no matter what you do or where you go.

Make a Choice About Your Addiction

Interestingly enough, you will always have a clear choice of what you want it to be, either active or inactive. If you choose to be in a recovery program you will certainly start down an active path to discovery. Without a doubt, recovery is a process, not just an event in your life that can be repeated when the desire hits you. It has a clearly identifiable starting point and a clearly identifiable ending point, just like your addiction.

Do You Want a Recovering Lifestyle?

This recovery program you may want to go on can only be initiated by you. No one can start the process but you. Certainly others can get you to the point of starting a program, but only you can do it. Your family and friends can be recipients of the program and be happy for you but you are the only true recipient that will experience the process and the results of that process. Their experiences through your efforts will definitely not be the same as yours. Those folks outside your skin can certainly participate if they want to but it's your choice and I would not count on a very strong participation in the beginning. They have been around you so it may take you some time to convince them you are truthful and want to actually stop your past activities.

As you proceed along you will find that this is an endless path though your recovery efforts. You will most definitely want to discover and develop a way of living that will change your life, shucking the old habits and lifestyle. This could actually be a lifestyle that was never available to you or one that you thought you never go back to. Your new lifestyle will be one that is continuously rewarding and satisfying.

Seize Your Recovery Program and Find Your New Life

Indeed, it will truly become an interesting journey as you follow the road to recovery. You will eventually find that the object your recovery is the journey, not the journey's end. And the journey's end will become whatever you want it to be.

You must surrender to your deepest desire to become clean and sober. An addiction is one of the most powerful objects you have run into so you must make an honest, deep commitment to your recovery efforts. This does imply giving up your active addiction and not giving in to it.

It really does not make any difference at all what your active addiction is. When you surrender to the recovery process you will actually see your life change before your eyes. If you have stopped using and are actively in the process, it will all be for the good. If you have stopped using and are not actively in the process, it may not be so good for you. Surrendering to the recovery process is a manifestation of mature judgment and self-respect and is indeed the beginnings to the road to recovery and leaving your addictions behind.

Your new life awaits you. Begin it now.