Bulding A Heli Pad For The Addictive Helicopter Game

In the first article on the Addictive Helicopter Game, I introduced the over all game and rules. This next article is all about teaching you how to make one of the main components of the Addictive Helicopter Game; The Heli Pad.

This is the first article in a series of articles that will describe the game in detail and how to play.

There are many pieces in the game, but the main piece of the game, besides the helicopter, is the Heli Pad.

Brief Description

The Addictive Helicopter Game is a two, three, four, or five player game. The goal of the game is to land your helicopter on your opponents pad. Each time you land your helicopter on your opponents pad, you add another piece to the pad.

After the fifth landing on the Heli Pad, you win the game.

While you are trying to land on your opponents Heli Pad, you are also trying to block your opponent from landing on yours. Since you have a specific time in each round, you can add fences around your Heli Pad so it is harder to land on it. If you need a helicopter, these work the best.

How To Make The Heli Pads

Here is a brief list of what you need and then we will go into how to construct them. This is a great game to do with your friends or family because you build and design your Pads on your own so they can look like what ever you want them to look like.


  • 2 2x4x4 boards (wood is prefered)
  • 2 1x1x4 boards for the landing section of the Heli Pad
  • 2 2x4x8 boards for the bottom braces of the Heli Pad
  • Paint or spray paint of your liking (This is for decorating your Heli Pad)
  • 16 3 inch screws
  • 16 2 inch screws


  1. Take the 2x4's and cut them to only 4 feet long. If you have already done this, then you can skip to the next step. Make sure you use safety protection goggles and a safe guard on the saw that you use. This board is the support board.
  2. Paint your support board which ever way to want to. This is your time for creativity.
  3. Cut the one 2x4x8 into 4 equal parts so that each one is 2x4x2. Repeat this with the other 2x4x8 board.
  4. Take one 2x4x4 and 4 2x4x2's and place them aside. Take the support board and screw in the 4 2x4x2 boards in a cross-section so that it creates a base cross that holds up the support board. Repeat the process with the other boards so that you have to support boards that stand on their own.
  5. Take a 1x1x4 board and screw is to the top of one of the support boards.  Do the same with the other board so you have two.
  6. Now you want to finish painting the boards the way you want.

Now you have 2 fully functional Heli Pads. If you are having problems with them being square or standing upright, just revisit the instructions for construction and make sure that the boards are flush when building them.

Cool Design Ideas

I thought that this would be a good place to let you know that part of the fun in creating your Heli Pads for the Addictive Helicopter Game is the creativity you put into your designs.

  • Stripes
  • Lines
  • Different Colors
  • Mascots
  • Cloth Designs
  • Animal Designs
  • Carvings In The Wood

The design possibilities are endless. The only rule that you have to follow is that the landing pad cannot be obstructed in any way.

I hope that this article helped and if you have any questions about how to build the Heli Pad or ideas about the game, leave them below in the comments area. Also, please share this fun game with your friends. My hope is everyone can have a blast playing this.