How to create Amazon text links easily

If you do want to add an affiliate coded link from Amazon to your WordPress Blog, Infobarrel article, or another website that includes a link builder (little chain symbol in the toolbar) follow these directions.  The directions look complex but do it a few times and it will become second nature.

1.  Sign in to your Amazon Associates Account

2.  Find your product/category/search result page.  You can link to just about anything at Amazon

3.  Choose link to this page up in the top left

4.  Choose text link

5.  A box of code will come up something like this one (this one points to a category of books on forum management: 

<  a target="_blank" href="">Name Your Link  (I broke the code so we can see it all.)  

Where it says "yourAmazonid" it will have your actual Amazon ID - I swapped out my ID for illustration purposes.

6.  Select and copy the part I highlighted between the " and the " from the "http:// to just before ">Name Your Link.  The rest of the code is not required because you are using the link tool on IB or on your blog.  If you were posting the code into an old school html site and wanted a box you can use the whole code.

7.  Now go back to your blog post or IB article and select the words you want to link with (the anchor text).  In this case I might want to link to my favorite forum management book. (this is the anchor text)

8.  With the anchor text selected choose the link button - it is on the toolbar and looks like 3 chain links.  It only becomes available once you select the anchor text.  

9.  Paste that code  you got from Amazon into the target URL box.  Then Insert.

10.  You can also link photos and images by adding the selected URL to the image editor.

You are all done now.  Every time someone clicks through that link and buys something (anything) within the prescribed time period set by Amazon (24 hours usually) you earn a commission.  Except, you don't earn anything if the person clicks through someone else's Amazon link after they click your link but before they buy.  

Don't shop through your own Amazon Associates links as that is against the Amazon TOS. If you are building links and checking them (ALWAYS double check the links you build) and are going to shop on Amazon go click someone else's Amazon link (here is mine for example) to access Amazon to avoid accidently getting credit on your account for your own purchases and violating the Amazon TOS.

Special InfoBarrel Instructions 

On IB you are limited to two external self-serving links and they must be contextual so don't go too crazy.  Contextual means the link needs to flow into text, not be stuck on like "Click here" and it must use anchor text, not be naked links like ""  

=>Infobarrel now classes Amazon links separately from self serving links. They do not count against your two self serving links.

=>The new editor has an Amazon module.  

   1.  Add the Amazon Module

   2.  Find what you want on Amazon

   3.  Copy the Amazon page URL into the box on the Amazon Module (no need to follow the instructions above).  The Amazon page should be to a specific product, not a category or search result.  If you want to point to a category or search result page, use the instructions above to create a anchored text link.

   4. Save and close the Amazon Module.  Simple as that.  

=>You can have up to 1 Amazon Module or Link for every two hundred words in the article.  The text in the Amazon Module seems to count toward the 200 words.  So a 1010 word article can have up to 5 Amazon modules.

Next Steps

Now you are ready to do a Product Based Article.  Articles that revolve around reviewing, comparing and contrasting actual products that people may want to buy tend to do well.

If you are working on your blog (nearly any blogging platform) and want to make a lot more from affiliate links than read up on Viglink here.

You might want to also brush up on Keywords to help you write more profitable articles.

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