Pergolas are garden features that form shaded walks, pillar passageways, or gazebos, to extend or link buildings, or protect open terraces. Such shelters fell out of favor when naturalistic gardening styles came into style during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The beautiful style of shelter is however making something of a comeback in recent years as more homeowners began looking for attractive wood structures that are affordable and attractive. Pergolas are mostly used to cover patios, outdoor hot tubs, and outdoor dining or picnic areas. Pergola canopy gazebos are a popular choice among homeowners and a great example of a pergola style that can add some beauty and cover in areas like pool sides, patio dining areas, docks, and garden areas alike.

Backyard America offers a number of pergola and gazebo kits that include a variety of canopy styles, ranging from the classic pergola-stylized wood tops, variable column numbers, and even some with so-called privacy panels with prices ranging from $999 to $3,000. Parkland Heritage makes a steel pergola that can be used as a gazebo and features Victorian styling, four corner columns, upper valances, and eighteen cross-beams forming a flat canopy on top. This pergola can be purchased for as little as $349. And Target stores offer an unusual pergola with a unique canopy approach or maybe not even a canopy per se but, rather, three wide cloth strips that lay flat across the top and can be extended lampshade style down either of two sides. This pergola also features four square corner-mounted Greco-Roman style pillars and is made of aluminum, selling for as low as $799 (from a list price of $999).

Lowe's, in fact, also offers similarly-styled replacement canopies, normally for Garden Winds pergolas sold at Lowe's though you can probably adapt them to your own non-Lowe's pergola. The Lowe's replacements sell as low as $139. They can fit any square or rectangular-shaped pergola and lay flatly across the tops while extending down sides at variable lengths. The drawback for this one in particular is that it only comes in neutral beige colors.

However, you may also be interested in the Carvan Gazebos Asteria model pergola with a so-called Sunbrella. This is an arched top pergola whose "Sunbrella" canopy is made from mesh fabric with adjustable ceiling shading and a six double-curve beam arched top. The 8 foot-4 inch structure is made from black powder coated aluminum with four pillars and two valances running the 10-foot length of the pergola. This structure lists for $1,099 but can be found as low as $979.

If you are planning the addition of a pergola canopy gazebo for your home, keep in mind that canopy tops are not always an option with these, and that many gazebo canopies might be manufactured with low-grade materials that wear or ruin easily enough simply because their low cost helps keep the prices attractive. Be sure the outdoor gazebo canopy you choose will be strong enough to last for a very long time.