Blooming Onions and Ribbon Fries
Credit: Concession Trailers Warehouse

We see food trucks popping up all over the nation. This is a great sign for the mobile food industry. Its growth signifies success. However, not all food trailers have fared the same. Just like in any industry, there will be those who make it and those who don't. So far, there have been many winners that have triumphed the difficulties that accompany starting a new, small business.

Among these prevailing trucks, several have come out on top. Though you may think that their success has little to do with your food trailer business, there are lessons that you can apply within your business to help it grow. One of the main lessons, or takeaways, you can benefit by looking to other successful trucks to is discovering what the popular street food styles are. While you may think that you're already in tune with your customers' demands, there may be trends to tap into that will increase your revenue stream even more.

Here are 5 popular styles of street food that any mobile food vendor can incorporate into the menu:

  • Use baguette-style bread to create sandwiches and subs. Not only can this bread provide a great foundation for building flavorful and filling meals, it can also add flare to your menu just by its name alone. Using this type of bread will allow you to increase your truck's prices, while spending little more than you already are on traditional bread types.
  • Consider stuffing your breads. Want to get even more creative in the small confines of your mobile food unit? Create and innovate around the idea of deep-frying or baking dough pockets to fill with exciting new flavors. This option is great if you want to build on top of a menu that would benefit from easier to handle foods (on-the-go items).
  • Use flatbreads more. As the health consciousness of America continues to rise, hop on board and being offering flatbreads as bases for sandwiches that are vegetable or cheese heavy. Your catering truck may also want to explore roti prata, which is a Singaporean stuffed flatbread, in which the dough is stretched, filled, folded and grilled. Add additional dipping sauces to add even more flavor and spice.
  • Use your food truck's fryer. If you have a fryer, use it. A deep fryer is a great cooking method for street food, as it makes for quicker cooking times and can supplement crunchy textures and richness.
  • Make it a taco. We couldn't have an article on the top street food styles without mentioning the street food that put food trucks back on the map. Explore taco-esque options that take advantage of your truck's ingredients and fill up those shells.