A delightful crispness is the air, heralding the arrival of autumn. The days have grown shorter and the nights longer, and before I know it the leaves will be changing colors, and frost will touch the pumpkins. For me, the scent of autumn is in the smell of a freshly baked apple pie, made with the apples I picked from my own tree right outside the back door.

Sitting on my porch right now, I wish I could have that delicious scent filling the air right now, so I open up a scented jar candle. Scented jar candles are so cozy, they make me feel right at home, no matter where I am. There's nothing more comfortable than relaxing at the end of a busy, hectic day and having a scented candle burning nearby. Every night I like to try out a new variety, since there are so many different kinds of scents to choose from.

Yankee Candle

Everyone knows that scented jar candles are attractive and aromatic, but not everyone is aware that burning a scented candle can actually lower your heating bill. In the autumn in particular, when the days have grown a little cool, but not so much that you feel you need to turn on the heat, the safely flickering flame of a scented jar candle gives the air just a touch of warmth.

When you're trying to sell your home, lighting a scented jar candle during an open house can be extremely helpful. Right before your house is going to be shown, light a candle with a cozy scent like sugar cookies, it will instantly make potential buyers feel at home. Scents evoke an emotional response, and the right candle displayed in an attractive candle holder can be a useful advantage. Fresh linen, for example, makes a house seem clean and new, while apples or spices evoke a feeling of comfort. Buyers will take a closer look at a home that sparks an emotional response.

While all scented candles are a great addition to any home, it's best if they're in the form of scented jar candles, especially where pets or small children are concerned. With open candles or gel, someone could potentially come into contact with an unprotected flame. Scented jar candles have the advantage of being surrounded by a candle holder, making this option safe and practical, and can easily be placed in additional containers for added protection. Pick up some of these discount candles today.