Orange Christmas decor is really going to be a lot different than what you might be used to. It's a way to really take traditional Christmas decorations and put your own unique spin on them. This is also perfect if you have a modern kind of home and you might even have an all white room. Then you can just remove whatever accent colors you use in the space and redecorate for the holidays for kind of a sleek take on holiday decoration.

One thing to consider is using actual oranges. You can put cloves around these for a fragrant decorative accessory that you can put in a bowl. You can also just hang dried oranges on the tree to add a lot of color and it's extremely inexpensive. This is going to feel more playful and almost gives a Miami or beach inspired feeling. This is perfect if you live in a tropical location for the holidays. You could also experiment with a lot of candles because often times they have decorative dried fruit inside them. This could contain limes or lemons for an entire citrus inspired color palette. This is going to add decoration for your holidays but it also ensures that you have a few accessories that you can use year around.

If you have a modern style room then really go all out. An easy way to do this is just to go with a faux tree in possibly a white which can match any of your white furniture. Then you can make your own ornaments with cookie cutters. You can also use salt dough. You want to stick with very graphic elements and then paint them orange or use an orange dough. It should really be very bright. You don't want it to be peach because the point is to be bold and striking. You could just use simple circles or even venture out into whimsical bird shapes. You could do an entire bird inspired tree by just buying a few faux feathered pieces at craft stores because oftentimes they're going to have this orange color on them even if it's just a subtle accent on the beak.

As far as the tree goes you might want to go with an elegant kind of feeling. Look for stain glass pieces. Of course you'll need to make sure that these sun catchers have finished edges because they will probably be around kids. This can pick up the light beautifully and you can find it inexpensively at dollar stores. You can also make it yourself. Consider just using a glass paint to really paint ornaments even if they are simple clear balls. Just adding a metallic sheen to them is really going to give your room sophistication just because this color of Christmas decorations can be a little bit difficult to find.

Instead you'll want to add a personal touch that you can even do with your kids. Have a lot of fun with a gumdrop theme. This can be something that you just buy plastic versions of. This is going to include all kinds of colorful elements from pink to orange. It's a great way to get kind of the gingerbread effect in your room. It can also be the basis of your gingerbread house design. This is perfect because often times orange is a pretty difficult color to match so you're going to need at least one piece with all these different tones in it to really give a cohesive color palette to your room. Orange can be a small accent in the space if you're a little bit afraid of it. Of course it shouldn't look like Halloween. Instead, you can just pair it with rich and warm colors such as gold and red.