Antioxidants are advertised on many foods. They are also found in supplements. They are a diverse group of compounds that allegedly bond with free radicals thus have health benefits. Fruits and vegetables can be a source of antioxidants, but not everybody likes to eat fruits or vegetables. Vitamins C and E are touted as being antioxidant, which you can take as supplements or in powder form. Tea is also a source of antioxidants.

Some of the fruits which are touted as being "superfoods" are blueberries and acai berries or pomegranates. Blueberries contain both vitamins C and E, are native to north America and easy to find in most supermarkets. Some studies show that blueberries may slow the aging process. They are definitely a good source of fiber. Eat them sprinkled over cereal or yogurt or ground in a smoothie. You can bake them in muffins, but they retain more nutrients in their raw state. Acai berries are from Brazil. They are more tart than blueberries. They are often found in flavorings such as acai flavored teas or drinks. In addition to antioxidant properties acai berries are said to aid in weight loss, and improve sleep. Pomegranates are found as juice year round and as fruit when in season, September to February.

Vitamin C has long been touted as healthy, sometimes even huge doses are advocated, but I wouldn't recommend it. If you are prone to kidney stones, too much vitamin C in your system causes the calcium in your system to bond into the painful stones. Moderate doses can be helpful to the average person, as normally the body won't store this chemical. Vitamin C can be found in chewable tablets, easy to swallow caplets and powders you can mix into drinks or water. Vitamin E is more oily. It is usually found as a soft gelcap you can swallow or a liquid you use topically.

In addition to being found in fruits, antioxidants can be found in tea. Green tea was quite famous for both it's weight loss effect and for being high in levels of antioxidants. Studies show that the naturally thin physique of Japanese women might be due to the effect of drinking so much green tea. Later studies confirmed that black tea had a similar antioxidant effect, except when mixed with milk which canceled out much of the effect. Other teas, such as the herbal South African tea "roobios" also have antioxidant properties. If you can switch from coffee to tea for your morning caffeine its a pretty painless way to get antioxidants into your diet.

Flaxseed is another food now being promoted for its incredible level of antioxidants. You have to eat it ground to absorb the benefits. Flaxseed meal goes rancid quickly, so store it in the refrigerator after opening a bag. Try to finish it within a week after you buy it. You can sprinkle it over hot or cold cereal, over yogurt or cottage cheese. You can bake it into baked goods, or add it to stews or soups as a thickener. Eaten alone it takes sort of similar to crushed nuts, but not as greasy.