Whatever you are storing in your garage, regardless of its worth, you should always ensure that it is locked away. Most come with the standard security measures in place, although there are extra options you can include to reinforce this. Let’s take a closer look.

Reducing the threat of burglary

You’ll want to make sure your garage is secure, even if you don’t use it to store much. This is because if a forced entry is made, you may need to pay an excess for your insurance, or pay outright to fix any damage if your policy does not cover this section of your home. As a result, to avoid this scenario altogether, there is no harm in making your garage look less of a target for burglars by bolstering its security, but how can you achieve this?


Reinforcement locks

Besides the main garage lock, if you want to improve all-round security, you can use additional locks too. Ground anchor locks can be used for roller garages to bolt the door down once it’s closed. Alternatively, you could use a padlock on either the inside or outside of the door, or use a side lock attached to one of the supporting beams inside. It doesn’t really matter which lock you choose, ultimately you want to make it harder for unscrupulous individuals to try and force entry into the structure.   


Adding double glazed windows

A single glazed window can be easy to smash, and with this in mind it might be wise to invest in double glazing. This will make it harder for potential thieves to break the window and seek an easy way into the building. It’s simply not worth the risk, so reinforcing the windows will provide additional security. It’s also worth using roller blinds so that you can hide what’s on display. This is a cheap security measure which could be enough to deter criminals. 


Wireless alarms and cameras

If you really want to keep your contents secure, a wireless alarm can be placed on the inside of the roof. If it is triggered it will sound an alarm and this can also be heard on additional sound points which you can store anywhere in the home. If you have one in your bedroom then it will notify you if your garage is being broken into in the middle of the night. You can also place cameras on the surrounding walls of your property as an added measure – which further increases the chances of detection. 

Spare Keys

Storing contents properly

If you are using your garage to store valuables, then see if you can lock them to an immovable object inside. This means that if a forced entry is made, your items will be harder to steal. For example, if you are storing a bike, why not place it on fixed brackets on the wall and then secure the bike to the brackets using a chain lock. If your car is in the garage, make sure you lock it - don’t think that just because it’s kept inside you don’t need to do so. 

Spare keys to your property

Finally, if you will be storing a spare key for your home within the garage, make sure you put it in a place that isn’t obvious. Burglars will be aware of the common locations for hiding a key and so you need to make sure that it’s hidden in a more secure location and not on display.