What does it take to ditch the hair additives and still look good day in and day out? Well, in some cases, it can take a bit of work, figuring out how you can get your hair to naturally act the way you’ve always wanted it to act. For example, you might find it can be difficult to get your hair to hold in a certain place if you haven’t added any gel, mousse, or the like. But before you leave this article fretting about extra work, hear us out.

As it turns out, there are a number of ways you can discover your best additive-free hairstyle without doing a ton of work. Yes, there might be a little experimenting required up front, but once you figure it out, you’ll never want to go back to the hair additives. So what does that mean for you? It means buckle up, because you’re about to find out how you can save a lot of money by keeping a more natural hairstyle.

Red Natural Hair Tips

First, it’s important to remember that natural hair essentially refers to additive-free hair. You can still brush, comb, and “mess” with your natural hair just like you would any other hair style. The key to additive-free hair is that you’re ditching products and unsightly chemicals that otherwise pollute your hair with unnecessary...well, junk. You don’t want to look like that, even if you always wanted the effect the hair additives produce.

What’s the solution? Experimentation. You’re going to have to find out your hair’s own natural behaviors and profiles. For example, what is it about your hair in its natural state that you can take advantage of? Is it curly? Great; so many people go through a lot of work to make their hair curly; yours is curly when you wake up in the morning.

Every person is different, and we all don’t always feel great about the hair God gave us. But when you find out your hair’s own natural personality you’re going to be excited: additive-free hair that looks how you want it without the additives? It’s a money-saving proposition for sure.

So here’s how to do it. Every morning as you go through your normal hair routine, experiment with different additive-free options. Write down which options you used that day and as you go throughout the day, try to keep in mind if you feel like you’re having a “good” hair day or a “bad” hair day. When you have a good hair day, look up what you did that morning and - voila! - you’ve got an additive-free solution on your hands!