Adele 2012


Adele: Six New Grammys and an Unforgettable Performance

 Powerful, sultry, entertaining, and unforgettable; all words that describe the amazing performance put on by the Grammy award winning singer, Adele. If you did not know, she had vocal cord surgery due to a benign polyp just late last year. She had bleeding coming from her vocal cords, which caused her to cancel the rest of her 2011 tour from then on. Thanks to some amazing doctors, Adele was able to come back with a stellar and unfergettable performance tonight. Many fans anticipated how she would sound after the surgery. It turns out; the surgery did not affect her voice at all.

Simple, but memorable is the only way to describe Adele’s 54th Annual Grammy Awards performance. Simple lighting, a live band, talented back-up singers and Adele front and center is what captivated her fans as well as her fellow entertainers. The main focus of that unforgettable Grammy performance was her flawless voice. Adele always has perfect performances and shows a lot of power and control with her voice. Not to mention the song that was performed, is the same song that pushed her into stardom because her fans are able to relate to it. Released just a year ago, Adele performed her number one hit from her album, 21, “Rolling in the Deep”. This is the song that introduced the rest of the world to the excellent talent that is Adele. Her debut album, 19, introduced the singer, but did not accelerate her career like her sophomore album has. Adele did win her first Grammy award for Best New Artist last year.

  Oh, let’s not forget that Adele won all six of the Grammy awards that she was nominated for. Adele beat out some of the most talented artists of 2011. She walked away with some of the most coveted awards like Best Song of the Year and Best Album of the Year. She received the last award of the night, leaving the stage in happiness, excitement and tears. Adele has definitely come a long way and does not seem to be stopping.

 Let’s admit it, everyone wants her to continue on her road to success because after all, she creates some of the most memorable and timeless music. The long standing ovation that Adele received after her Grammy performance proves how much the world loves her and her music. After tonight’s performance, she is sure to be leaving her fans in anticipation for her next song or album release.