Adio Skateboard Shoes

Adio Footwear's Skateboard Shoe & Sneaker Styles/Models

Adio skateboard shoes are widely known for their diverse range of sneakers each with their own personality. Part of Adio Footwear's main goal is to provide the best skateboard shoes that can appeal to any type of skateboarder. With this in mind, Adio skateboard shoes and sneakers live up to their hype with unique styles featured in models like the colorful Adio Radley or the classic looking Adio Hamiltons. The list below contains the current line-up of Adio skateboard shoes and sneakers:

  • AO Radley
  • Kenny V1
  • Hamilton
  • Riviera
  • Impact
  • Copley
  • Kenny Anderson Pro
  • Eugene SL
  • Kenny GT
  • Kenny V2
  • Snap V2
  • Torres V2
  • Vengeance
  • Crane
  • Synchro
  • Rook
  • Dean V2
  • Kenny Standard
  • Oath
  • Hamilton V2
  • Montoya V5
  • Rebate
  • Switch
  • Nesser V1

Adio Footwear's Skateboard Shoe & Sneaker Special Features

Adio sneakers are no stranger to this new trend that implements unique skate shoe technology into each sneaker. As one of the top skate shoe companies out there, Adio adds their own flavor of skate shoe technology. Adio Footwear focuses most of their features around comfort, with a wide selection of skateboard shoes and sneakers including vulcanized rubber insoles for maximum comfort and shock absorption, full-length EVA midsoles for optimum comfort, lace protectors and optional internal lacing to keep your shoelaces from tearing while doing fliptricks, mesh breathing vents, front toe bumpers, vulcanized rubber outsoles, and much more. Adio sneakers are known as some of the most comfortable and durable skateboarding sneakers on the market. As Adio Footwear continues to produce quality shoes, their special features will continue to get better and better as well.

Kid's Adio Shoes

Adio Footwear doesn't leave the kids out when making their quality skateboard shoes. Kids Adio shoes can be found virtually anywhere adult Adio sneakers can be found. As one of the leaders in the kids skate shoe business, Adio Footwear focuses just as much time and detail on their kids shoes as they do with anything else. Kids Adio shoes are some of the most popular kids skate shoes around. With their fresh style and amazing comfort, kids Adio shoes are fair-priced and there are quite a few to choose from. The best part about kids Adio shoes is they not only come in boys styles, but also girls, and toddlers. Here is the current line-up of kids Adio shoes:

  • Kids Kenny GT
  • Kids Hamilton
  • Kids Eugene
  • Kids Snap
  • Kids Kenny V1
  • Kids Kenny Standard
  • Kids Taro
  • Kids Shaun White v1
  • Kids Optimus

These kids Adio shoes all come in various styles. Almost all of the kids Adio shoes are also included in toddler sizes as well as girly styles. Kids Adio shoes are some of the most diverse kids skateboard shoes available.

Cheap Adio Shoes

Adio Footwear has such a diverse selection of skateboard shoes that it's often not hard finding

cheap Adio shoes. Cheap Adio shoes can sometimes be found in the form of brand new Adio shoes that are just simply made to be lower in price. The best way to get a hold of some good-looking cheap Adio shoes is to check the clearance rack at your local skate shop. Cheap Adio shoes can also be found rather easily online in several different online skate shops.

When models of Adio skateboard shoes become old or obsolete, many sellers are forced to lower their price and sell them as cheap Adio shoes just to be able to get rid of them. There's nothing wrong with them, it's just that Adio continues to come out with new models. The old models simply become quality cheap Adio shoes, there for the taking. There's no shame in wanting to get cheap Adio shoes, especially since the quality of the skateboard shoe remains the same.

Adio Footwear's Sponsored Skateboarders

As one of the world's leading skate shoe distributors, Adio Footwear has a roster of sponsored skateboarders that is almost ridiculous. These pro skateboarders put their trust in Adio Footwear to produce the most durable and comfortable sneakers possible. Not only are these skateboarders sponsored by Adio Footwear, but most of them also have their own personal Adio sneakers. Here is the current list of professional skateboarders sponsored by Adio Footwear:

  • Tony Hawk
  • Bam Margera
  • Brian Sumner
  • Kenny Anderson
  • Danny Montoya
  • Ed Selego
  • Jeremy Wray
  • Shaun White
  • Nick Dompierr

History of Adio Footwear

Adio Footwear was founded in 1998 by retired pro skateboarder and Planet Earth Skateboards owner Chris Miller and is based out of Carlsbad, CA. As a subsidiary of the Jarden Corporation, Adio Footwear has been making stylish and durable quality skateboarding shoes for 12 years with one goal in mind. Adio Footwear's goal was to unite skateboarders by producing quality sneakers designed by Adio's own team of professionals, with the intent to make these skateboard shoes appealing to every type of skateboarder.

Adio sneakers were first made popular by pro skateboarder and TV star Bam Margera. Whether it was his Adio sneakers or his Adio hat, Bam could almost always be seen sporting the logo. Nowadays, Adio sneakers are recognized as some of the best in the skate shoe industry. Not only are Adio sneakers known for their attractive styles, they are also considered some of the most durable skateboard shoes out there. Adio sneakers have put a stamp on the skate shoe business stating that they are one brand that's here to stay.


Adio Skateboard Shoes Not For You?

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