Adjustable wall mount basketball hoops are perfect for garages and porches. Most traditional garage wall mounted basketball hoops aren't adjustable, making it so you can't change the hoop's height. If you want to be able to dunk on different heights, then you'll need to spend extra money on adjustable wall mounted basketball hoops. A good adjustable wall mount basketball hoop is a lot more convenient for many reasons. For one there's no basketball poll that interferes with parking cars in driveways. It gives you a little extra playing room as well. Adjustable basketball hoops are some of the very best basketball hoops to purchase for outdoors and indoors.

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Why Buy Adjustable Wall Mount Basketball Hoops

There are three different basketball hoops to buy: in ground, portable, and wall mounted hoops. The worst and cheapest is portable. Most portable hoops just aren't very good. I've own plenty of them, and within years they're worn down and pretty much useless. They're not very stable at all, and most of them are poorly made. Probably the best is in ground hoops, but the bad part about buying in ground hoops is that they're stuck forever. Once it is in cement there's noting you can do basically. Plus in ground hoops might get in the way when extra room is needed in the driveway, or on your patio. If you're spared on room, then in ground basketball hoops can be inconvenient.

I think wall mount basketball hoops are more convenient, and just as stable as in ground hoops. If you buy a really good wall mount hoop that is. Wall mount hoops don't interfere at all. You can mount it up on the garage, or on other exterior walls. They can even be installed indoors. You can take it down whenever its needed. They're very strong and stable to play on. If you purchase an adjustable one, then you don't have to worry about playing on a set height. I think you should be prepared to spend over a $1,000 dollars on a good wall mount basketball hoop. Wall mount basketball hoops can last a very long time. If you really want quality, then it is worth spending a few extra.

Cheap Adjustable Wall Mount Basketball Hoops

You're not going to find a lot of cheap wall mounted basketball hoops that are adjustable going for prices under $1,000 dollars. Not many good acrylic, or tempered glass ones anyways. If you want to save money, then you can purchase a molded plastic basketball backboard. Molded graphite is one of the cheapest backboards to play on. You basically get what you pay for when it comes to these basketball backboards. You won't get a good bounce, but molded graphite should at least be tough enough to endure abuse from a game of basketball. You can get a pretty good deal for the QwickChange Graphite Shooting Station. It's a fan-shaped backboard that can be used for indoors or outdoors.


QwickChange Graphite Shooting Station

Qwik-Change Graphite Shooting Stat - Basketball
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Acrylic Adjustable Wall Mount Basketball Hoops

Most wall mounted basketball hoops backboards feature acrylic plastic. A decent material that's stronger than glass, but lighter as well. It doesn't provide as good of a bounce as glass, but still provides a decent bounce. Normally acrylic garage backboards would be pretty cheap, and just cost you a few hundred dollars. Adjustable hoops are much more expensive though. Especially a quality one like the Goalsetter Gs60 60 Inch Acrylic Wall Mount Basketball System. You can mount this hoop indoors, or outdoors. It's a pretty nice basketball hoop to play on.  The rim and net is weather proof. The wall anchor frame is even included in your purchase. The backboard is 3/8 inch thick of acrylic.

Goalsetter Gs60 60 Inch Acrylic Wall Mount Basketball System

Glass Adjustable Wall Mount Basketball Hoops

There's nothing like playing on tempered glass. Do you think Tim Duncan played on plastic backboards growing up? Probably not. How else could he have mastered that infamous back shot from 19 feet? The basketball purist in me only believes in playing on glass backboards. I think it is crucial if you have a kid who plays the big man position, for him to learn the game playing off a glass backboard. The 4 and 5 position needs to learn the art of rebounding, and using the backboard. You need a hoop that provides the best bounce to learn those skills. Nothing does it better than tempered glass.

First Team Roof Master Nitro Roof and Wall Mount Basketball Hoop with 60 Inches

The First Team Roof Master Nitro Roof and Wall Mount Basketball Hoop with 60 Inches is convenient enough to be installed on a roof top. The rim is very strong as well. It is a heavy duty flex breakaway basketball goal. Rims and glass won't shatter or break, so it is very safe to play on. It's a good adjustable basketball hoop that can adjust between 6-10 feet.