Everywhere you will hear people talking about going green, what can you do to become more Nature friendly? This article will give you a few ideas on how to be more eco friendly and at the same time save you money and can improve your health.

Give away your old glasses

Maybe your old glasses are not fancy anymore, but they can help millions of people with eyesight problems. Only 13% of visual impaired people live in developed countries, which means a large number live in countries that don't have easy access to the correct help. Your unused glasses can change their life quality substantially. Old glasses are clearly not the major pollution source, but donating this item gives you an extra good feeling.

Collect the rain water in a container

Rain water is a great and free way to water your garden, wash the drive as well as many other things. You don't need to go to the expense of paying out for a barrel, despite the fact there are oodles of different types in the shops, when you can make your own.

Drying your clothes the environmentally way - by nature

Our mothers and grandmothers hung their clothes outdoors and they didn't have any concerns with it. If you hang your clothes out, not only you don't need to spend electricity to dry it, but your clothes will get the fresh smell of sun and wind, something you can never hope to get with an electric tool. Individuals worry that they many be judged unfavourably if they put washing in the garden and are concerned people may think less of them. Being enviornmentally friendly is in – do not feel guilty, feel pleased instead!

Have a shower, it saves on water bills

Health issues can be created by bathing and showering too much or for long periods of time; apart from that your bills will jump up and heating of water consumes lots of energy. You can drink the water from your taps without trouble but with the high concentration of chlorine in it, the fumes it gives off when you heat it can have a serious impact on your health. Furthermore install a low-flow shower head that lets out only half as much water than a regular one.

Don't use two vehicles to get around, share with a work mate

Car sharing has been a fashionable topic for a number of years, also actively advocated by the authorities. Unfortunately, as a Toronto condos professional I need to drive a lot. A typical car owner drives about 20 kilometres a day. If you car share, then between the two of you, you would save on about 170 litres of fuel and 400 kg of CO2 each year, think about how much you could share if there were 3 or 4 of you in a car. If you’re not taking part in a car sharing scheme run by your work place, take the time to organize your friends or colleagues with similar commuting habits and save money, have a chat with your driver or passengers and protect the environment.