Why adopt virtual babies?

Adopting virtual babies can be just for fun, or a serious way to practice being a real mother.  There are a lot of websites that let you adopt a virtual baby that acts just like a real baby would.  If you are a mom to be, or would like to be a mom one day, you can get a virtual taste of what it takes to feed, change, bathe, and play with a real baby for small periods of time throughout the day instead of it being a full time job like the real thing.  

A lot of the software and websites that let you adopt virtual babies aren’t designed to be games.  Some people think of virtual babies like The Sims Games and are disappointed when they are not entertained by their virtual baby.  Most of the time adopting a virtual baby is not about being entertained, it is about understanding the amount of work it takes to have a newborn in the house.  It is your job to entertain the virtual baby, not the other way around.  In fact, some adopt virtual babies software is so realistic, they have begun using them in schools nationwide to help educate young students about the responsibilities of teenage pregnancy.


Benefits of adopting a virtual baby:

Even though virtual babies can be a lot of work, just like real infants, there are a few rewards of adopting an online virtual baby.  For starters, virtual babies don’t always poop, cry, and squirm.  Just like real newborns the moments you treasure most are when they laugh, giggle, and smile at you.  Knowing you have made your virtual baby happy is a very rewarding experience, and you should enjoy all of the hard work it took.  

Unlike real babies, downloading a virtual baby program means you can turn it off whenever you are unable to attend to your child without any real world consequences.  This can be a real eye opener when you realize how many times per day having a baby can be inconvenient.  If you are a mom to be, use this practice to change your schedule in order to prepare for the real thing.  If you shut off your virtual baby program everyday at 4pm to go out, realize you need to plan on having a babysitter scheduled every day at this time.  Or you have to change your habits.  


Where to adopt an online baby:

Many of the virtual baby programs are online, so you don’t have to download anything.  Still others allow you to download the virtual baby software so you don’t have to be connected to the Internet to care for your virtual infant.  

Cyberinfants.com - Cyberinfants has a very large following of users who raise and care for their babies completely online.  The website uses real baby footage to show the emotions of your infant.  You even have to buy toys, food, and clothing with “real” money at their baby store.  Note:  The money is imaginary, it just makes the gameplay more interesting since you have to include budgeting into your adoption plan.  

BabyDow.com - Babydow’s features are much more complex, and they use cartoon versions of babies that you can customize to look like you.  There is a big group of users who care for multiple babies making it much more complex and exciting.  

If you want to adopt virtual babies, there are a number of benefits and rewards to the experience.  Whether you are a soon to be mother, or just want to see what it feels like to raise a real baby, virtual baby programs are a great way to get a taste of motherhood.