You can say that all dogs are man´s best friends, there are exceptions of course, and with the right care and affection that you spend on your dog will be repaid many times over.By adopting a dog you are getting a new family member because a dog´s lifespan is often more than 12 years.Adopting a dog is outside marriage the only way to choose a new family member.

People have a strong attachment to dogs, therefore it is not enough just to have another dog.Dogs have different personalities just like people and when a puppy is looking at you with its puppy eyes and begging for adoption it is just too easy to fall in love with it and fall into a trap at the same time.

A dog will stay with you for a very long time and it will change your lifestyle for good.Therefore it is best to have a list of different dog traits that will complement your own personality.Love at first sight is not the best way to adopt a dog, you need to know what you are doing.

Consider what characteristics you are looking for in a dog before you go out adopting one.Knowing the dog breed will help, purebreds and mixed are the two kinds of dogs available.

Dog breeds have their own specific characteristics and traits.A purebred will display its own characteristics and these can be recognized later as the puppy is growing up.There are no negative dog characteristics that cannot be corrected by a lot of training.

Find a dog that matches your own energy level and approximates your characteristic, no matter if you choose a mixed or purebred.If you have a family you must consider choosing a dog that matches their energy levels and characteristics too.

Quiet - Dogs breeds that rarely bark.These are good for people who live in places or apartments where there cannot be much noise.

Friendly - Dogs that are friendly (except sometimes with other dogs), and do not get easily threatened by other dogs.These dogs are ideal for hunting, the outdoors and walks in the park.

Playful - These dogs are meant for people who want fun and excitement.A great example of playful dogs are retrievers and boxers.Playful dogs should be on top of your list if you do not mind tail wagging and a lot of running around.

Athletic - These dogs are almost similar in temperament as the playful ones, however they are bred to be sturdier and are necessarily not as playful.

Gregariousness - Dogs that are extra sociable.This kind of dogs are best suited for long walks outside the house.

Fiercely loyal - This is the right kind of dog for people who are looking for loyalty and calming assurance.

Docile - These dogs are typically obedient.

Love – All dogs love their owner, but some dogs have the tendency to display their love and affection better than others.

Dog characteristics are dominant to particular breeds, the traits explained above can be found in most dogs.The Internet and pet shops are the best places for profiling dogs.