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No one will ever deny that puppies are incredibly adorable, but when you adopt a younger pup there are a lot of things that are part of the process that you might not be ready for. You have to train them to do everything including where to go to the bathroom and commands that will help them stay out of trouble. All the responsibility that you undertake when adopting a puppy is one of the main reasons a lot of people abandon them. You can avoid the “puppy shock” if instead you adopt an older dog from an animal shelter.

More Information

Older dogs (by older we mean those over a year old) are more likely to have better manners than their younger counterparts. Many rescue organizations and animal shelters will see how well-trained the animal is before making it available to the public. You will likely be told about a pooch's personality if you are looking to adopt them and whether it fits with your current situation. You will know if a dog will do well in homes or apartments, how they interact with other animals and children and how much exercise they will need. All that information is necessary to make your life and the dog’s quality of life better. You will be more likely to understand if the little one you are trying to adopt will be a good fit or not.

You will also be told of any possible health related problems or behavior issues which your new pet may have. A lot of people may think that the information is not something an animal shelter will want to tell you about, but the opposite is true. A lot of people want to help those animals that need it the most so they will gladly help a pooch that has some issues. It is important to understand that most of the potential pets that you can adopt at a shelter will be in top health and will pass behavioral tests, but some of them do need the extra help.

mutts need love too

Health Care

Before a pet is up for adoption it has to pass health tests, which means that they will not put you or your family at risk of disease. That means that you will know exactly what you are getting during the adoption process. In many cases the animal shelter or rescue group will give you access to spaying and neutering if they have not already done the operation before you see your new dog. Shelters will also provide vaccinations as a part of the health check-up and give you any medication that the animal may need in the foreseeable future.

The good news is that an older pooch will be easier to do a medical examination on than a pup and any procedure that it needs becomes a lot easier. If an adult dog is sick you are very likely to notice it right away while a puppy is so fragile that it takes a few days to see a problem.

Helping Other Dogs

Unfortunately most people will try to adopt a puppy instead of an adult dog. That means that many shelters sacrifice great animals with great personalities. Even if you are going to a “no-kill” animal shelter they are still using space that could be used by other pets. When you adopt one of the older dogs you are making up room so that another one can get a chance at a happy life. You should look into whether or not the rescue organization you are adopting from has a “no-kill” policy and if they do you may want to try to get the pet you like as soon as possible.

It Is Cheaper

Because fewer people will look for older dogs you are more likely to have a lower adoption fee when you get one. These fees are low to begin with, but they are necessary as many animal shelters do not have many funds to keep rescuing pets. Besides the fee you will also save money on vaccination and sterilization if necessary. You may even get some discounts to things like health care, accessories and other things you may need.

There is also a chance that a rescue group will help you with things like training and give you a little instructional session if you have never had a pooch before. You should take advantage of all the things that they give you so that you can become a better owner.

Having a pup is also like having a small child on steroids. They will chew on your furniture and carpeting because their gums itch. They will also run around the house with a lot of energy which can lead to broken things all over the place. An older dog is a lot more likely to act mellow and less destructive. They will listen to your commands sooner because it is very likely that they have received training in the past; that will keep them and your home in better shape.

Mutts Are As Good As Any Dog

You may have a particular breed that you are looking for, but dogs do not really care about breeds. They care about you and will be loyal to you even if you cannot tell what breeds got together to produce such a great animal. The mutt is as good as any dog and they will give you all the love that they have in their hearts.

Mutts are also known to have great health as they are less likely to suffer the health problems of a particular breed. To you it means that you will be able to have a pet that does not need to visit the vet as much or that needs special attention to breathing and joint problems. All that they need is a roof over their heads, food, exercise and a lot of love. Older mutts seem very appreciative when they get home; it is as if they know that you saved them. They will share what they have left of their lives showing you all the best that a dog can show you.

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