If Halloween is once again creeping up on you and you realize you haven't even planned your Halloween kids' costumes for this year then maybe you should at least do some research to see what you can get for your young ones this year. There are many costumes available to suit babies to teens but we are going to cover some of the more adorable ideas for babies and toddlers, because there is nothing cuter than a baby all dressed up for Halloween.

One cute, yet unusual Halloween idea, is to dress up your toddler as … a piece of sushi! A simple kids' costume that features a white, one piece outfit with what looks like a piece of salmon attached to the front and a black band running around the waist which is supposed to be seaweed, your wee one will look adorable. Add the extremely cute headband that with artfully arranged wasabi and ginger and you will be in snapping pictures for posterity all day.

Toddler Colonel Sanders is an exceptionally adorable outfit and may even instill a little of the Colonel's commercial savvy in your little one. It's never too early to start learning, you know. A white suit, a yarn wig and a chicken plushie in a KFC bucket will make for one of the cutest and moste memorable kid's costumes.

If you have a passion for rock, you can always have your very own electronic rocker baby. All you need is a toy electronic guitar and a pair of headphones and your in business. Plus, your baby will be happy as can be with something to play with without having to wear an uncomfortable kids' costume.

Lobster anyone? There are many kids' costumes available but creativity will always take them to the next level. For example, dress your baby up as a lobster and serve her up in a bucket, ready to eat. Of course, only use the bucket to snap a few quick photos because it's not exactly the most comfortable position for any child.

Davey Jones Pirate CostumeFor more creative parents, a great idea is making a Wall.E outfit for your toddler. A little colored cardboard, some tape and a whole lot of patience later and you will win the prize for most adorable Halloween toddler. If you are feeling adventurous and need two kids costumes then don't forget about Eva.

Pirate and his parrot. This is a great idea for a couple's costume made up of dad and baby, where Dad is the pirate with his parrot on his arm. The parrot outfit can be made at home from fabric as all you need is a lot of color and long, flowing pieces for the tail.

No matter how tender the age, it's always good to be the King! Any baby will look absolutely adorable impersonating Elvis, especially with fake sideburns.

There are so many cute options for babies and toddlers that it can be difficult to narrow it down to one idea, especially because they grow so fast and start making demands as to what they will or won't wear. Enjoy it now, while you can, because soon you will have little chance of choosing kids' costumes which you think are cute.