This month has been a good month but my traditional income sources have been disappointing. Adsense had a RPM 60% lower than last month and half of what it was in January and I did not make a single Amazon sale. So how can this be a good month? Keep reading...

1. Goals From Last Month

But before we get into the earning figures, I would like to mention the goals I had set for myself during my last earning reports:

  • 50 InfoBarrel articles: check
  • 50 Squidoo lenses: check
  • 10 Zujava leaves: check
  • Improve the ranking of my Seekyt articles: KO
  • Start 2 new blogs: check

So I have reached most of my goals and I am happy about that.

2. Earnings?!

Sorry this entire section disappeared! Not sure why.... And of course I don't remember everything. What I can find out: a few dollars for Adsense in total (IB + blogs + etc...), $1 for Tier2 in IB, I won $25 Amazon gift card in a Zujava contest, and I decided that from this report and in the future, I will include actual earnings from Squidoo and Zujava and not expected earnings made during the month (for example, this month I did not get any money at Squidoo because 2-3 months ago, none of my lenses were in paying tiers).

Again, really sorry that the main paragraph was accidentally deleted, I only noticed it when I made my report for May (wanted to use this one as a template...).

3. Other

If you missed it, I wrote about my 1 year anniversary at InfoBarrel here.

Otherwise, I have failed to reproduce the success of my last viral article (none of my viral-type articles went viral) but who knows, maybe if they get featured...

BUT I am ranking 5th or 6th for a particular keyword with one of my recent InfoBarrel articles. This is totally new for me. I cannot even recall a single keyword I was targetting and for which I would be on the first page.

4. Goals for May

I have been working hard in April to reach all the goals I had set in Mars so I would like to take it a bit easy this month, especially because I intend to start with a new website soon and this will probably require a lot of effort.

So no specific goals for May except to write a couple of articles I have been thinking about (spoiler: it has to do with the Rubik's cube again).

That's it for my report this month. Thanks for your attention, and good luck to you!