August was not supposed to be a good month as it is one of the lowest in terms of traffic: people enjoying the nice weather outside, and not surfing on the net... Also, there was an Adsense problem at IB with ads not displayed.

And yet, this has been an interesting month for me. Many things have happened, good or bad, but the mix is rather good or at least better than I was expecting it to be. Have a look.


1. InfoBarrel

So, as you probably know, Adsense has temporary stopped showing on Infobarrel. I first thought it was IB's Adsense account which had the problem but I am still using my own Adsense here (ie, not Tier 1) and my ads were not showing either. This means that it was a domain-wide restriction.

Adsense revenue this month for InfoBarrel: $0.15

$0.01 is coming from which I am happy about because until now, I had only had $0.00 there and thought it was not worth it displaying ads there then.

Adsense ads areas were filled with Tier2 ads as a temporary replacement so my Tier 2 earnings are higher than last month (by far):

Tier 2 on InfoBarrel: $0.75

Total IB: $1

Not much but considering we are in August and that Adsense ads were disabled, I am satisfied with it.

2. Other Revenue Sites

Adsense for Seekyt: $2

I had a great start with Seekyt but it unfortunately stopped in the middle of the month and I am now getting little traffic (and of course little money). The total result isn't bad but if my traffic isn't back, my earnings there will get very low.

Squidoo: $6.37 (including $4 in Amazon sales)

Very good, but I am concerned about earnings in the future. Tier payment is going down every month, I am getting less and less traffic and it seems that overall, this site is not making much money anymore.

Zujava: $0.91

Not too bad, but knowing that I have a Tier 1 leaf and several Tier 2 leaves, it isn't a very high payment either. I am satisfied with the site though. I think the ads revenue is low because they focus more on the reader experience and less on getting money anyhow and this may prove good for traffic (my traffic there is pretty good now).

Hubpages: $0.12

With only 2 articles there, I wasn't expecting to make much money. A sad event brought me a bit of traffic (someone died in an accident and people looked for information related to one article I have there). Anyway, $0.12 isn't bad.

Wizzley: $0.00

Nothing there but with only 2 articles, I couldn't expect much.

Bubblews: $25

This has been a very mixed feelings month. It started bad. My regular connections were on holiday, reducing my earnings a lot. It continued even worse. The site had some downtime, reducing not only my earnings but also apprently search engines ranking, ie when the site was up again, the traffic wasn't back at once.

When I finally reached $25 (after 3 weeks or so), I wasn't paid. No specific reason given. I decided to give the site a second chance (after all, it is still my best site in terms of earnings). The days that followed my second redemption of the month were horrible as it seemed I wouldn't get paid either. But yesterday, I got the $25 of my second redemption.

This site pays more than the other sites I am using but there is some risiko about it that I dislike. I will keep writing there for now, but I won't focus on it only.

Total: about $35

3. My Blogs

This has been a good month for my blogs. Especially because two of my low-traffic ones got a positive comment each by some visitors I don't know. One comment was something like "thanks for your blog, it helped us a lot...". Worth a lot to me.

Adsense has also been good, especially one click on one of my blog. 

Finally, some days ago, I also noticed that yet another blog, medium traffic I would say, got 4 sales. First sales ever for this blog and maybe even first sales at all on all my blogs (I don't track everything and I have 2 or 3 Amazon sales for which I am not sure of the origin). 

All in all:

Adsense: $3.5!

Amazon: $2.5!

Total for my blogs: $6!

Total of totals: $40+

4. Conclusion

As I said in the introduction, August was an interesting month, full of happenings. Next month, I will try to:

  • reach 5 Wizzley articles
  • reach 5 hubs
  • redeem twice at Bubblews
  • improve my Seekyt articles

Thanks for reading, and don't hesitate to ask for my referral links if you want to start writing at another site. I will be happy to welcome you there.