First of all, I want to wish all of my readers a happy new year, hoping 2014 will be a good year to all of you.

Then, I would like to apologize for the delay (I generally write my earnings report the 1st or 2nd of each month) but I wanted to wait for the finalized earnings update from IB this time (otherwise, I always report less than I really make). Not sure how I will handle it in my next reports.

Otherwise, it was overall a good month for me despite not being active at all. Have a look!

1. First Google Payment!

When I started this online adventure, I didn't think I would reach Adsense threshold. $100 seems a lot when you only get a few cents here and a few cents there and I was quite convinced I would give up before seeing any real money. But I kept writing, the few cents became many cents and we are now speaking about a few dollars here and a few dollars there.

I reached the Google payment in November but didn't want to make a big announcement (you never know what can happen, etc...) and was actually surprised to see the money in December (I am quite sure I saw somewhere that it was taking 2 months or so). But well, I did get paid in December and this money felt really good.

AdsenseCredit: Adragast


On the other hand, and in my quest of always trying to diversify my income sources, I have decided to activate Tier 1 ads here at InfoBarrel instead of using my own Adsense account, which means that it will take quite long to get to the next payment.

2. InfoBarrel Earnings

I actually activated Tier 1 earnings at the end of November so this month I was using IB ads only. I made $0.57 with Tier 2 ads (a bit disappointing compared to the previous month) and $1.76 with Tier 1 ads (quite nice).

I don't want to disclose in details ho wmuch I made with referrals (as I consider this to be something private to them) but I can say that my referral earnings this month have increased a lot. Thanks again to all my referral!

3. Other Sites

My total Adsense: about $7. This includes my blogs, sites, Seekyt, Wizzley, Hubpages, etc...

$5 at Squidoo, $1 at Zujava and... $5 at Writedge (referral link). I really like this site because the admins (Danielle and Michelle) are quick to pay, there isn't any payment threshold (as far as I know) and they are generous: they added $1 to my earnings because of the transaction fees, they accepted an entry to a challenge even if it wasn't what they had in mind because no other entries were received, etc...


4. Sales

The sales part of my reports is generally very short (if there is one). But last month, I actually made many sales:

- 4 average sales with my own Amazon account resulting in a $2 commission

- 1 big sale at Zujava resulting in a $2 commission

- 1 small sale at Squidoo resulting in a $0.3 commission

I will get paid for those in the future but I thought I would mention them. I am very surprised with the sale I made at Squidoo as it was with a lens which gets almost no traffic and is the perfect example of a beginner-failure (too broad topic, no keywords, category with too much competition, ...). I was thinking about deleting it and re-creating something better out of it (more focused, etc...) but never got the time for it.

I would like to mention also that one of my referral at Zujava made many sales (in November and December) which will increase my earnings in the future (earnings are not detailed at Zujava so I won't be able to distinguish ads earnings, sales earnings, from my own leaves, from my referral leaves, etc...).

5. Next Month

I am expecting earnings to go down in January as the sales season is over and as I was inactive in December (ie no features at IB, less updated content overall which may mean less traffic, etc...).

6. Thanks Note

As I said in one of my previous reports, I use the opportunity of these articles to thank someone and this month, I would like to thank ologsinquito. She has been kind to me at several occasions in the past. she is also a good writer, with articles on many other writing platforms (Hubpages, Wizzley, Seekyt, ...) so don't hesitate to look her up and check some of her articles.

7. Product of the month

This Year I Will...: How to Finally Change a Habit, Keep a Resolution, or Make a Dream Come True
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(price as of Jul 17, 2016)
Just thought I would include something that fit pretty well this time of the year...