After the sales season of last year (October-November-December) I was expecting earnings to decrease a lot last month and this month but January was OK and February was also better than expected. Have a look.

0. February Challenge

But before I start with the numbers, let's me give you the result of my February challenge. AS I said in my previous report, I wanted to write 28 articles in 28 days (kind of stealing the idea from the Zujava forum but making it global, ie writing 28 articles total across all platforms I am using).

I unfortunately didn't manage it. I only wrote 15 articles or so (including some short Bubblews/MyTwoCents posts). The reason I failed is mostly the end of the skating season. They are now removing the ice where I live and there will be several months for me without the possibility to skate anymore (other ice halls are far and open to the public only 2 hours a week). So well, that has been my main focus at the end of the month.

1. InfoBarrel

Many IB writers said they earned little this month here (egdcltd for example) but my earnings were OK: about $2 for both Tier 1 and Tier 2.

People who signed under my referral made as much in the first week of March as during the whole February so at least for them, March looks more promising.

2. Other Adsense Sources

I made $3 with my Adsense account. This includes my sites, blogs, Seekyt, Hubpages, Wizzley, etc... So this is not great and my main disappointment for the month. On the other hand, as I said in the introduction, I had expected a low month.

3. Squidoo and Zujava

I made $1 at Squidoo which is also low. I am not very active there anymore.

Zujava is the first good surprise of the month. I made... $10.68 there! This is quite incredible when you think that Zujava has been criticized many times as not being worth it, as having very low Tier payments, etc. This revenue is mainly due to the sales by people who signed up under my referral there. First time I get a double digit payout.

4. Bubblews, Writedge, MyTwoCents

I gather them as they are relatively new, don't use my Adsense, etc...

Bubblews: I am getting slowly to the $50 but I am not sure whether I will be paid or not. I did include a link in one of my posts (not referral, not affiliates but still) and they may not pay me because of that.

Writedge and MyTwoCents are now sister sites and the latter has changed its name to DailyTwoCents (to get a .com address).

I got $0.87 from W. and $3 from DTC (but that's probably the whole revenue from Norvember or something).

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Just thought it fit with my overall feeling this month...

5. Amazon

That's the second good surprise of the month. I didn't make much (a bit more than $2) but it was through 5 sales! 4 cheap kindle books and 1 normal book.

Why this makes me happy:

  • in the past I struggled a lot to make just one single sale and now it seems to happen every month without me doing anything for it
  • even though those sales were small (or returned or something), it is good to have many of them to improve the commission on each item (6% instead of 4% for example)

And again, I thought the sales season was over and did not expect any sale this month.

6. March

Well, we are already the 11th so I cannot make big plans. I just hope to get in the writing mood again, at least before the end of the month.