After the nice sales season at the end of last year (Halloween-Christmas...), I was expecting my earnings to go down quite a lot but it wasn't the case. So, even if I didn't make as much as last month, I am quite satisfied with how it went.

My only disappointment is about myself. January has been yet a month where I have been almost entirely inactive :( The ice skating season seems to have a big impact on my energy (I skate 2-3 times a week) and even when I start an article, I seldom get to finish it and publish it those days.

But February may change that a bit... I will tell you why a bit later in this report.

1. InfoBarrel

Most people reading these reports are from IB (or at least I suppose so), so let's start there. I haven't the latest update so these earnings may change a bit but I made a bit more than $2 this month. About the same as last month.

2. Own Adsense

I use my Adsense account on my blogs and on other writing platforms (like Writedge, Seekyt, ...). As I don't use it on IB anymore, I don't make as much as in the past but this month, my blogs did quite well, especially the ones in Norwegian. Maybe an ads campaign was particularly attractive or maybe Google got an agreement with an important Norwegian company.

Total made in January with my Adsense account: $5+

3. Other Sites

Squidoo: $1.27. Not much but I haven't been active there lately and it would help to update my lenses.

Zujava: $1.09. Catching Squidoo earnings, which is kind of surprising when you think about how people were always complain about Zujava paying way less. I have 58 lenses and 31 leaves so Zujava is doing better.

Writedge: $5.00. Writedge is definitively a winner. They have stopped their referral program but I was able to make $5 with it before it expired (to be completely honest, I didn't but the admins decided that my attempt to do so was worth $5... neat, isn't it?). This month, Writedge will pay writers $0.01 per view on their articles. Bubblews-like system which is very attractive.

Bubblews: I have been inactive there but keep making a few dollars every month. I have reached the $25 but the minimum payout is now $50. Wondering about starting writing there again. Maybe in the future.

4. Sales

I like to separate sales because they are reported separately, the money only come after some time, etc...

I made 1 sale with my Amazon account (on one of my blogs), 1 sale at Squidoo and 1 sale at Zujava. Not big ones but for me it is nice to have so many of them. Last year I didn't have a single sale for about 6 months.

I also made $0.68 with Viglink, which is quite impressive since I am not using it. How did I make money then you may ask... A friend of mine registered through my referral link and made about $5. She told me it was all through clicks. I didn't even know they were paying for clicks!

5. Thanks Section

This month, I would like to thank Marlando. He has been one of my biggest fan here, sometimes reading my articles as soon as they were published. He has left several kind comments too. Thanks a lot Marlando, wish you the best.

6. February: My Own Challenge

Zujava has a 28-leaves-in-28-days challenge and I like challenges but I wouldn't feel it fair to spend all my time there and not publishing anything anywhere else. So I have decided to challenge myself in another way: 28 articles in 28 days. The difference? I may publish an article here, another there, etc...

Today article is this one. Not sure I will manage to keep it but we will see!