I have been looking forward to writing this report as July has been fantastic for me. But let us start with the disappointing results.

1. Disappointing Results

No Amazon sales with my own account despite 50 clicks. Nothing at eBay either nor at another affiliates program I use.

Adwager is also doing poorly: I am only using 1 ad on one of my blogs, but with several hundred views and 1 click the result is only... $0.01. Not sure it is worth it.

2. A Fantastic Month

And yet this has been a great month. 

My total Adsense earnings are $14.5. I normally make around $5, I made $2.5 in April and my previous record was around $10. Also, the money is coming from IB, Seekyt and my blogs. Adsense on IB was $4 VS my previous $1.5 record. Seekyt set also a record with almost $7.

And this is not all! It was my best pay from Zujava so far: $2. It is nice to see I can make money with this site.

Finally, Squidoo has featured 2 lenses of mine as lotd. I had never had a lotd before that. Result: about 2500 views in total (vs 500). I am glad I made it to the top 10 of a category (Travel&Places, rank 3 for a day) but my older lotd is already outside Tier 2 (my newer one did not even make it to Tier 1). Anyway, it was awesome.

My Squidoo earnings this month: $2 + $25 Amazon gift card for winning the "favorite author" challenge.

Bubblews has not been better than last month but is still my highest pay. Around $50 and I am satisfied with it, I won't focus too much on this site in the future.

Total: about $70 + $25 Amazon gift card

3. Referrals

I have several high quality referrals and even though I don't want to compromise their anonymity, I want to thank them here. So far, they have written almost 30 articles at IB and Zujava!

4. Past and Future

Last month I decided to challenge myself to update 1 IB article per day and I managed it the first 15 days. Unfortunately, I have now been on holiday for 2 weeks (finishing tomorrow) and my motivation went away entirely.

About the future: I have many projects (too many?) but as usual, I am not getting anywhere on any of them. Need more motivation, more time, more everything. I will see if I can manage to launch at least one in August.

I have also many articles I want to write and my to-write list is just getting bigger and bigger.

5. Earnings Report

I have received a lot of positive feedback for these reports and I have the feeling that many people like them and are inspired by them, so I will keep writing them for now.

You can check the previous one here.