June has been an overall good month and I am glad that the trend I saw in May with so few clicks did not continue. I hope it was just a one-month problem.

On the other hand, I did not make any sales with my Amazon affiliates so it may be that Adsense ads are competing with recommended products and that readers cannot click on both.

Anyway, here is a bit more about my earnings this month.

1. InfoBarrel

I made a bit more than $0.20 with Adsense on my InfoBarrel articles and almost $0.50 with Tier 2 ads.

This is not really good knowing that I have more than 50 articles here but I don't mind it for now. I enjoy writing here and my aim at InfoBarrel is mostly to get read. I have some success with some articles in terms of number of views or comments and this is a big enough reward for me.

This month for example, I have been featured 3 times! The funny thing is that I started writing 'twice' and then went to my profile page to get the links and found out I was featured today too.

Here are my featured articles this month:

Landscape 1
Credit: George Hodan

2. Successful Articles

Something else I have noticed is that my articles about me writing articles online are quite popular. My earnings reports here at InfoBarrel are read by more than 100 people each month and my lens about my adventure making money online is my best performing lens ever.

I know I like to read those myself but I did not expect people to like mine as I am not making so much money yet. By the way, for inspiration, I do recommend the InfoBarrel success stories. I read them every now and then and I really wish they would publish more of them.

Another quite unexpected success is coming from this article: Making Money Writing Online Articles: Is It All a Lie? Why is it unexpected? I haven't promoted it yet, it hasn't been featured (it is new from this month) and yet, it has quite a lot of views and more comments than many of my featured articles!

3. Other Writing Platforms

I got my first click from Wizzley this month. I have only 2 articles there and they don't do particulary well for now so it was a nice surprise. I do intend to write more there in the same topic and when I have a bigger library build around it, I am pretty sure I will do better.

My Seekyt articles are on fire. $2 again this month and an improving trend in terms of search traffic.

I made only $2 at Squidoo but again, this is a 3-month delay revenue and as I am getting more and more Tier 3 lenses, I should start getting more money (unless Tier revenue continue sinking). Also, I made 10 sales with 1 lens which is exceptional as I hadn't made a single sale at Squidoo in the last 9 months or so.

Zujava: about $0.1 from ads share and... $0.08 from an eBay click?! I did not even know eBay was paying per click. I thought it was per sale like Amazon.

Bubblews: about $50, see next paragraph

My blogs: I made $2 with Adsense on my blogs. Much better than last month and average compared to other months.

Landscape on Canvas
Credit: Larisa Koshkina

4. Future

I have taken the difficult decision to cut down on Bubblews. I have been making quite some money there but I have been spending too much time there. Bubblews is great to take a break and make some money while discussing with other people but I don't want it to become my main online activity.

I have a project for a blog that I have been thinking about for a long time but still haven't started. I need to motivate myself to do it. It has a real potential in my opinion.