First monthly report!

This is my first monthly report. I did write a report after 3 months and after 6 months but I never had enough to say for a single month. Anyway, here it is, my first monthly report.

Please not that I have rounded all the figures (who cares if I made $0.956 or $1.021).

1. InfoBarrel

InfoBarrel earnings:

  • Adsense for InfoBarrel: $1
  • Adsense for InfoBarrel mobile/tablet: $0.2
  • Tier 2:  $0.2

I am really happy with Tier 2 earnings, it is much better than what I had with Chitika.

I haven't switched over to Tier 1 ads but I am considering it.

2. Squidoo/Zujava

Not completely sure (figures only available the 15th, 3 months later) but I think I should get about $1 for each.

I have been selected at Zujava in a tutoring program and I am hoping to learn more about making money out of my articles. It will also boost my motivation to write articles this month.

3. Amazon

This is new for me! I got 1 sales through my own Amazon affiliates link (not sure from what site). About $0.5.

4. Seekyt, TopicSpotter, Wizzley and Hubpages

Nothing worth mentioning this month but I have started working on my Seekyt articles and I hope it will improve their revenue in the near future. Also, one of my Wizzley article got 100 views in a few days and this is a nice thing for me.

5. Blogs, websites, etc...

About $5. One of my blog got a PR 1 and I can see an improvement in the RPM. Worth mentioning too, I have reached a total number of views of 20 000 on my blogs (11k on one of them, 8k on another one, 1k on a third one and I have other blogs with some hundreds views).

6. Bubblews

This is also something new to me. I have started using Bubblews (actually I can even say that I have spent too much time there).

I have made about $10 there.

7. Total and Expectations for Next Month

Total earnings this month: about $20, which is my best month so far.

Next month, I hope to reach 50 articles at InfoBarrel, 50 lenses at Squidoo, 10 leaves at Zujava and I will try to improve the ranking of my Seekyt articles.

I am also planing 2 new blogs. I have gathered enough information to start one of them but the other one may require a bit more time. A busy month in sight...