I can start by saying that May has been a very strange month for me. It has started as a very bad one and is still one of the worse in the history of my blogs in terms of revenue (not a single click, problems with ads that do not show up, etc...) but ended up as a very good month overall.

1. IB Earnings

Unfortunately, I did not do great this month at InfoBarrel despite 1 featured article. About $1 only for Tier 1 and Tier 2. I would like to point out that I am not making any money at all with m.infobarrel.com. Not sure why, or if anyone is making money with it...

2. Other Article Websites

Seekyt was great this month: $3.5 but I am not 100% satisfied with it because I feel it is more due to luck than to me managing to get much traffic. I am still ranking pretty badly for keywords I used there.

Zujava was disappointing in terms of earnings this month (not even $0.5) but I believe it will change from next month. I have now 1 leaf in Tier 1 and 3 leaves in Tier 2 + 1 referral who has 8 leaves so earnings in the future should be much better.

Squidoo: 2 lenses in Tier 3 giving a total of $0.56. Again, this will rise as I have about 10 lenses in Tier 3 right now.

Hubpages: $0.03! Just wanted to mention it :)

My own blogs: *taboo* too low to even mention it.

3. Amazon!

Ok, I generally don't include a paragraph dedicated to Amazon as I generally don't have any sales, but this time I do!

3 sales through Zujava id (actually, it was made at the end of April but I only discovered them in May so I did not include them in my April report and I include them here). Total earned: $1.29

And, incredible but true, 4 sales through my own id. 2 are coming from Seekyt (one product I recommended and something related) but the other 2... I have no ideas. Total earned: $1.90.

4. Bubblews

I hate to say it but Bubblews is doing great. I am still unsure whether it will last or not, but I have redeemed twice this month. I don't know how much money I had at the end of last month, but let's just say I made about $50 there.

5. The Best of the Month

But the best thing that happened this month is not even related to earnings.

I have had several people signing under my referral on various sites (2 at InfoBarrel, 1 at Seekyt, 2 at Zujava, ...) and it is great for me! One of them even took contact with me saying he/she knew I was writing for InfoBarrel and wanted more info about this site. Isn't that wonderful?

I am very happy as I like to help newcomers and I am starting to know these sites pretty well (how to add an image, where to set up the Adsense id, etc...), so really, this is something great for me.

6. Next Month

I think I will take a little break. I said this last month but I think it will work this month as my list of articles I want to write is getting smaller. 

If I find the courage, I would like to go through all the articles I have written that do not bring any readers at all and try to tweak them a bit. Maybe add some keywords, improve interlinking, etc...

I have also submitted some articles for the IB frontpage and maybe 1 or 2 will be featured, who knows?


I made about $57 this month, $7 apart from Bubblews and I have had several people using my  referral links, so I can say this was a great month. I am just disappointed in Adsense in general (if it was not for a few clicks that may have been lucky), especially on my blogs.

As usual, don't hesitate to leave some comments.