A Good Overall Month

November has been a good overall month for me with a lot of happenings. I can actually start with those:

  • I should reach Adsense payout for the first time (I use conditional because Google hasn't "finalized" the earnings of this month
  • I haven't been paid for my redemption at Bubblews so I stopped writing there (I am missing 3 payments, this one was just the one too many)

Otherwise, I am "proud" of myself as I managed to publish several articles this month despite a busy schedule (busy at work, following the Chess World Championship Match quite intensively, ice skating season starting again, etc...).

1. InfoBarrel

I have made about $1 with Tier 2 ads and about $1 with Adsense on my IB articles. Since I reached Adsense payout, I have decided to activate Tier 1 earnings. I won't get the money on my Adsense account anymore but I will get it on my IB account instead.

This is one step further in my diversification.

Also, I have got a nice trophy here for 17 featured articles (quite strange number for a trophy but I won't complain...). Neat, isn't it?

2. OtherWebsites

Squidoo: I made a bit more than $3. Unfortunately, I haven't updated my lenses for a long time and many are drifting away from paying Tiers (I think I have less than 10 in Tier 3 now). Not a bright future...

Zujava: $0.6. Not so high, but the future looks more promising. One of my referrals there made several sales this month. Also, I like the fact that I am making *some* money there quite consistently.

Adsense on my blogs: about $5! Quite nice for me. I didn't have a very "big" click but I had many "medium" ones.

Own  Amazon account: I made 2 sales! One was the product I reviewed in my previous earnings report (how cool is that). Only $0.5 though as those sales were small ones (still glad about it).

Bubblews: $0. I redeemed once and was not paid and I haven't written there since then.

Other sites: Seekyt is a bit disappointing right now and I am not making much money there. On the other hand, Viglink was implemented there and I need to update my articles to make the most out of it. Wizzley, Hubpages, Spacial-anomaly, etc... not enough content/traffic for now.

3. Writedge

I am dedicating a whole paragraph to Writedge because I have been focussing on it quite a lot lately.

This month, the admins proposed a nice challenge: the top 3 writers would get $1 for each article they publish ($2 if the article category was empty before that). I published 10 articles with 2 (I think) in empty categories. So about $12. Knowing that the site also offered $3 for reviews published somewhere else (with a link back to the site) and that I wrote 2, I should get a total of $18 this month. This is pretty cool, isn't it?

That's the advantage of this site really. A lot of bonuses here and there and I think I need this kind of motivation to publish more articles (otherwise, I just postpone things or keep articles in draft mode for ages).

4. MyTwoCents.me

I am also dedicating a paragraph to MyTwoCents.me (Danielle McGaw will be happy I think) because I have been using this site to replace Bubblews. I am not expecting as much money but I do expect to be paid ;)

For now, the site is too small to attract anyone (writers, advertizers) and this is a shame as I believe we need a serious alternative to Bubblews.

I haven't been acive the last week but I do intend to write regularly there the way I did at B. and it would be nice to see other InfoBarrelers there too.

The minimum number of words is 100, so about the same as B. so don't hesitate to join me there!

5. Referral

In most of my earnings reports I write about how bad I am at sales, how I never make sales, etc... but the strange thing is I never say how blessed I am to have good referrals. This makes me very happy because it generally shows that other writers like me enough somehow to use my referral links or trust me enough to join a site that I like and recommend.

I have 20-30 referrals at Zujava and InfoBarrel, I saw a couple of referrals at Bubblews too (and I never actively looked for them so I may have missed some), I have many referrals at Seekyt too. 

My most prolific referrals here have 23 and 16 articles and my most prolific referrals at Zujava have 8 and 7 articles.

That's really nice and I am very grateful to all of them (even those who haven't written anything yet).

6. Product Recommendation of the Month

Last month I included one product in my earnings report and someone indeed bought that product. It motivated me to try to find another product for this month. I unfortunately didn't find something as relevant as last time (I promise I thought a lot about it) but well, here is a product that many of you may want. Christmas generally means cold weather, which leads to room heating, which leads to dry air. 

My wife and I bought an air humidifier last year (actually the Amazon bestseller one) but after a few months it stopped working. We recently purchased another one which we like better.

Air Humidifier

Broksonic Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier & Diffuser, White
Amazon Price: $249.00 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 21, 2015)
This is the air humidifier I am speaking about. You can see that it looks quite nice (we didn't know when we bought it that it was designed by Japanese people). It works nice and can be used with aromas.

Again, I think it is a nice purchase, especially this time of the month. Well, depending on your whereabouts, this may not be the same for you, but here it is quite cold now and we will probably have a white Christmas :)


That's it for this report. A quite nice and active month. No more Bubblews for me for now at least but this means more time for InfoBarrel, Writedge and other platforms! I intend this month to write more articles at Wizzley. I haven't been active there for a long time!