October has been a very bad month for me BUT fortunately for you my reader, this has nothing to do with online earnings. On the contrary, I have made more this month than any month before and I have reached the great milestone of making $100 in a month!

So what was wrong with this month? Let's say that in my family, we were badly sick the whole month. Anyway, we are all feeling better now, so let's get started with some numbers!

$100 Milestone!

This is a big achievement. When I started writing online, my goal was to make $100 a month. I didn't tell anyone because I didn't think I would make it. A few cents here, a few cents there, how was I supposed to ever make several dollars, let alone a hundred of them?!

But I did, here is a breakdown:

  • I redeemed 4 times at Bubblews but only got paid 3 times. This means I made $75 from Bubblews.
  • Writedge paid me $9! $2 per article in an empty category and I wrote 4 of them. Not sure what the last dollar is for (a math mistake? a tip because I wrote a how-to article + a review of the site at Bubblews + gave some feedback to the admins + warned them about some outdated information?)
  • $8.23 at Zujava, mostly thanks to a referral who had great sales
  • $4.38 at Squidoo
  • $5.3 with Adsense
  • $0.4 with IB Tier 2

For a total of more than $102!

So, Happy?

Yes, and no. Sure, $100 is a nice milestone but there are a few things I am not satisfied with.

First of all, I have some problems with Bubblews. Yes, it accounts for 75% of my earnings BUT I am missing 2 payments so far, and like many other people, I have yet to hear from them. No answer at all to any of my inquiries. Bubblews is a good site as long as they pay you. But as soon as they don't...

Then, the money from writedge cannot be considered as passive income. This was some rewards to help get the site started. I won't make that money every month from Writedge, far from it.

Also, my referral at Zujava told me he/she didn't make great sales since then, so I won't make $8 at Zujava in the future either.

Not to mention Squidoo with ever-decreasing Tier payments and the fact that I have less and less lenses in the paying tiers (new format lenses pusshed them away).

Finally, you may have noticed that I did not mention Amazon earnings. This is because they are non-existent. No Amazon sales, no sales at Zujava, no sales at Squidoo, no sales with other affiliates program, no nothing. I just don't know how to sell.

About InfoBarrel

Adsense was very strange this month. It started nicely, went terribly bad ($0.00 the day of my birthday and the day before... thanks Google for the gift) and was saved by the last two days.

Among the total $5.3 I made this month with Adsense, $2 came from InfoBarrel. This is pretty good. 

The other thing I am excited about is that InfoBarrel has announced that they successfully made some direct advertizing deals. This is really good because it will not only increase the Tier 2 earnings but it will also give InfoBarrel some more control over the ads: if they have, say 20 direct advertizers, the loss of one because of TOS violations or whatever will be less dramatic than what happened with Adsense earlier this year! Actually, if they are very successful with direct advertizing they may even do well without this program!

In any case, InfoBarrel is clearly the place to write in the future and I am happy it is as I really like it here!


My bad last month had a good impact on me. It forced me to reconsider what I was doing and because of that poor month, I started my own websites. I am paying hosting at Bluehost and I have bought some domain names. Not sure yet whether my earnings will compensate for the  initial investment but so far, I love it. We will see how I do with my sites in the future.

Thank You

I have decided that from this earnings report, I should thank one person who helped me or was nice to me.

For this report, I have decided to express my gratitude to Claudslewis. She has helped me a lot for my sites, for my articles, etc... She is an awesome person.

Ending with an Amazon Product...

The Lost (and Unofficial) FAQ for Bubblews Writers
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(price as of Nov 9, 2013)
I am terrible at sales as you saw, so I am not sure why I even bother, but here is my recommendation for this month: the new book by Danielle McGaw (also a writer here) about Bubblews. If you want to start there, it will help you a lot. If you are already writing there, it will help you a little.
Anyway, knowing how much you can make at Bubblews, buying this book really isn't a big investment.