Since I started writing my earnings reports, this is the first time I didn't feel really enthusiastic about it. September has not been a good month for me and I don't want to lie to you by making up some numbers just to make my report look better. 

I have heard many people say that summer was a low period and that the selling season would start in September but I made much more in July or August than in September and October does not seem promising either.

1. Adsense and IB Tier 2

I made $2.5 with Adsense, everything included (IB, Seekyt, my blogs, Wizzley, Hubpages,...). This is so low that there is no real point in dissociating where the money is coming from.

I made about $0.5 with Tier 2 at IB. Actually, Tier 2 is working better than Adsense for me.

2. Squidoo and Zujava

I made $7 at Squidoo (includes 1 Tier 2 lens some Tier 3 lenses and some small sales). This is good for me but I fear for the future. I have less and less lenses in the paying Tiers and the tier payment is just going down.

At Zujava, I made $0.6. I have given up trying to figure out how this is calculated. I am pretty sure I had a tier 1 leaf and 3 tier 2 leaves. How come payment is so low?

I am a bit frustrated about Zujava also because they take too much time to review accounts. No petting zu graduates for a month or so and many IB writers are suffering from it (one is my referral). Bill is not answering to PM about this topic either.

3. Bubblews

This is my strongest revenue stream right now. I made $50 and I am quite close to the next redemption.

On the other hand, the risk of not being paid there is real. Bubblews owes $350 to another IB writer and this scares me.

4. New Stuff

Well, first I had a new blog for Halloween. Unfortunately, it was a complete miss. Last year, one of my Halloween lenses did quite good so when it got locked I created a new Halloween blog and moved its content to my blog, hoping it would be as successful as it was last year. Unfortunately, it didn't work. No traffic whatsoever.

I have started writing for writedge. It is a nice site with some incentives every now and then ($2 to write an article in an empty category, $10 to reach 10 articles, $20 if you get the most shared Halloween article, etc...). However, I feel the rules are a bit too strict. Only 2 links OR an Amazon module (the only one available being the search box). In the 2 links, only 1 can be an Amazon affiliates link. Not sure if this will be enough to make some money out of the articles.

I have applied for a bubbajuju account but haven't heard from them after that. The displayed message promised the review would take less than 24h and it has been 3 days now.

5. Future

I really enjoyed writing articles and I have made some friends here and at other writing platforms but right now, I am reconsidering everything.

Have I targeted the wrong niches? Am I missing in promotion? Or am I simply a terrible writer that people don't like to read? I need to figure this out before I move on.