Many new IM are attracted to the idea of making money online. While they may not know that much overall on the subject, the option to start earning money and seeing money start flowing in is addictive. So what can we do as internet marketers to help quell this uprising of Google Adsense Addiction.

Google Adsense addiction is when a new or seasoned user checks their Adsense more then 2 times an hour. We all know Adsense updates once an hour so any more then once an hour checking is a waste of time anyways. The proper way to check adsense is when you wake up and after you have completed your work for the day.Any more checks throw out the day will be useless , and will just be wasting you time.

Why is Google adsense addiction bad, it is bad because on average it will take you about two to three minutes to check adsense. Now if you check five to six times a day, that is almost a half an hour of wasted time.  So take this week as a Adsense free week. Try not to check adsense until you have completed the whole wee, and see if you have accumulated any earnings. It is much better to see an increase of $20.00 then just $5.00

Tip: With continued practice with not checking your adsense, you will save time and also complete more work. On average you will save3 and a half hours a week. That is almost enough time to get a new blog started or back-link 10-15 articles.

Tip: Try working off line for creating rough drafts. With the work off line you will be less tempted to keep checking your Adsense progress and be more intuned to work. A little old fasioned work will never hurt anyone. Be sure to not fall into temptation of checking your earnings for adsense, since this tip would now be in void.

Final tip: Try using Google analytics to view how many views you are getting. With the use of Hoogle Analytics you will be able to see how your articles are doing and also get a rought estimate on how much each article has made you. By using Google Analytics, you will be able to track each and every view for each particular article created. Remember you will be limited to just 200 articles, so check to see which articles are the highest viewd and add those articles.