March marks the first complete month since I started writing content on infobarrel (or any site for that matter). Although it is still a work in progress and a steep learning curve for someone such as myself that has started from scratch, I believe infobarrel is going to be a great site that will provide dedicated writers a place to share valuable content and also to gain some revenue for their efforts. I hope this will serve as a pep talk to myself and others who are just starting out or considering the possibility of contributing to infobarrel. Infobarrel earnings are sure to increase for everyone as infobarrel gains more of a web presence.

What I have done so far
I became a member in late February and managed to get maybe a dozen articles published by the end of the month and did squeeze out about $6 in earnings. I have increased my writing for March and will have written just over one a day. This article marks my 57th effort on infobarrel. I also managed to squeeze out 9 hubpages. I have written bookmarks on xomba for all 66 articles, created entries for nearly all of them on digg, submitted scoops on shetoldme for select articles and submitted all article URLs to bing and yahoo.

What my results have been so far
I am encouraged because each day I learn more and find new ways to better promote, write, and understand the processes necessary to become successful as a writer. March has seen my traffic rise quite a bit. I currently average around 75 views a day on info barrel and have earned around $14.00 for the month between xomba, hubpages, and infobarrel. Nearly all of it (85% +) has come from infobarrel. Also 95% of it has come from adsense with the remainder coming from chitika. No earnings at all yet from Amazon. I don't get discouraged by the small earnings. I am happy to keep increasing traffic and clicks are definitely increasing as well. I think if I stay committed to doing things the right way and write good content that the numbers will take care of themselves.

What are my immediate goals
My goal for articles is to have at least 300 written by the end of the year. I think that this is a reasonable and achievable goal without sacrificing quality. I would like to get my page views up to 1000 a day as soon as possible. I hope to average at least 200 a day by the end of April and keep working to get it to 1000 a day. My current average is, again, around a 75 page views a day, but in the last two weeks is close to 100 so it is on the rise. Obviously, long term I hope to exceed this greatly, but I like to think in terms of small steps. Each victory reinforces the overall strategy. I hope to build more backlinks and continue to promote my content each month. There are many of the social bookmarking sites that I have yet to explore. I also have been learning more and more about SEO and using long tail keywords. As the articles age, this should help drive traffic as well. On the money end, I have been a successful ebay seller for years, but I am looking to become more passive. I have become burnt out and disenfranchised with ebay. I would like to get my content writing to the level of my ebay profits. With that in mind, I am shooting in the long term to get to around $250 a month and go from there. I think infobarrel is capable of helping me achieve this goal. I would like to at least double the earnings for April and get over $25.00. Tiny steps!

Thank for reading and I hope everyone is enjoying some success on infobarrel. If you would like to start making money on this great infobarrel forum, this is my membership referral link to join or y0u can join without a referral by clicking here. It is well worth participating in! Together we will make this a great site. As my mother was so fond of saying: Rome wasn't built in a day!

SIX MONTH UPDATE: Well, I am on pace to meet my goals. I am now hitting 350 page views a day and should clear $100 in adsense earnings this month. I spend more time researching keywords and found out how beneficial Market Samurai is. I expect to hit $300 a month within the next 4 months with more writing and better SEO techniques. I can't say enough about Market Samurai. I recommend you take advantage of the FREE trial offer of Market Samurai. Even if you just use it for the trial period, you can generate a lot of high value keyword research. No risk, so give it a shot!