Adsense is often used by bloggers to monetize their website. Adsense is used by both beginner bloggers as well as many top tiered bloggers. A lot of beginner bloggers do not earn very much with Adsense in the beginning, but if you keep at it your earnings will increase. Here are some tips on earning more with Adsense on your blog.

Avoid Targeting High Paying Keywords

If this is your first blog then avoid researching high paying keywords. If you target a high paying keyword such as Mesothelioma or Georgia Insurance then your blog will be boring to write and you will not stick with it. Instead pick a topic you like. Afghan Crochet Patterns is a very low paying keyword, yet if you like writing about crocheting afghans then do it.

Protege Clay Poker ChipYou passion will show in your writing when you blog about what you love and are passionate about. If you are looking to start a niche blog specifically to make money then you may choose to go the niche site route where you target high paying keywords and then write multiple articles narrowly focused on your particular niche. If you do this pick a topic you are interested in if it is your first blog. It is however much better in the long run to simply pick a topic you are passionate about. By being passionate and interested in your blog topic you will be able to provide interesting and fun to read articles that will help to keep the readers returning.

Combine Website Content

With all of the changes to Google it looks like it will be much more profitable to have a larger website with more content. Instead of having 10 websites with 10 articles each, have one website with 10 different categories. Overtime you will attract more attention from people making searches form the Google Search Engine, which will result in higher Adsense earnings.

Don’t Go Overboard with Ads

Don’t make the newbie blogger mistake and have your blog loaded with ads everywhere. Blend the ads in. Never let the advertisements take up more than 20-25 percent of the visible screen space. If your blog is loaded with ads it can chase visitors away who will never return. Returning visitors are gold, and you should always try to find ways to get the visitor to bookmark your website or subscribe to your feed. Large websites occur because they build up a steady stream of regular readers in addition to new visitors finding the site through Google searches.

Concentrate on Content

Many bloggers will spend hours each day tweaking and modifying their theme, layout, logos, and other elements of their website. Once you get smart URLS, a basic layout, and the site functioning properly then you need to leave it alone and simply write articles for your blog. Changing your theme each day will not increase your earnings. Instead of daily changing your theme and elements spend that time writing new article for your blog. Overtime you will be much more productive if you focus the majority of your time on simply creating new articles.