There are some Adsense and Chitika Ads you don't want shown on your blogs and websites. Why don't you want certain Domain Names and URLs shown on your blogs and websites? It's because there are many Domain Names and URLs that are purely created to increase impressions rather that offering informative useful information for the visitor.

Within my Adsense and Chitika accounts, I have at least a hundred of Domain Names and URLs listed in the Competitive Ad Filter Section to block Adword Ads being shown on my blogs and websites. I do this because many of the Adword Ads direct the visitor to a website filled with Adsense links. I feel the sole purpose of the Adword Ads I block are put together for the sole purpose of increasing impressions rather than supplying information of a specific topic. I believe the Domain Names and URLs are created for Adsense For Domains instead of giving the visitor the information they thought they would be directed to. Usually these kinds of Adword Ads pay a percentage of pennies and we Adsense Publishers would not receive a good percentage from the click.

Here is an example to help explain the point I'm trying to make. In my Competitive Filter Section, I have this Domain Name Filtered to not show up on any of my blogs and websites. If you take the time to visit the Domain Name you will see for yourself that the webpage is filled with links to so many different topics but when this Adword Ad shows up on my blog or website, the Adword Ad would offer a specific topic. All of the links on this particular Domain Name have links directing the visitor to so many different topics. When this Domain Name pays Google Adwords to get their ad shown on blogs and websites webmasters like myself create, the click through rate is super low and does not earn a webmaster much money from the visitor clicking. This Domain Name pays Google Adwords pennies per click because the Domain Name chooses the keyword with the lowest competitive rate while the links on the website the visitor was directed to has many links to higher paying link Adword Ads for them to make the big bucks. That visitor who left your page because they clicked on the cheap Adword Ad earns you very little money while the visitor gets directed to the website to earn the person who owns the Domain Name gets a shot at the visitor to click on an Adword Ad that pays big time.

Another example for you to view is This one has been around for years and directs your visitors to their Domain Name by purchasing competitive keywords for dirt cheap while the visitor gets directed to the Domain Name for them to click on an Adword Ad shown on the website. Again, there are many links for the visitor to click on and many of the links/Adword Ads pay huge per click. The top of the website says Related Searches but in reality the Related Searches have a few non-related search options.

I felt it was high time to write an article about Adsense Publishers using the Competitive Ad Filtering within their Adsense Account. I felt it was worth a try to get my point across and hope that many of you who create blogs and websites find this information useful. Occasionally I come across a new Domain Name or URL to block and since the day I started to use the Competitive Ad Filter, I have seen a slight increase to my Adsense earnings.

If any of you ever come across a new Domain Name or URL that you feel practices this technique to direct your visitors to a bogus webpage, please feel free to leave it in the comment section below. I hope this article helps you understand how many are deceitful when generating revenue for themselves.

The list below shows you what Domain Names and URLs I have listed within my Competitive Ad Filter. I was given this list a couple and have edited it over the years. I do check it occasionally and I have added my own Domain Names and Websites to block because of personal experience with many of them. Free Speach Is Wonderful.

Here are a few others to view to visually see for yourself.