Adult Education and Continuing Education Programs

Non-credit programs for adults

Adult education in Boston is very popular among working adults seeking to continuing education courses. Adult education classes are great option for adults seeking personal enrichment classes or classes to help their further or start their careers. Classes are flexible to fit

the needs and schedules of busy adults. The curriculum varies by location but many great options are available. If you're an adult who's interested in continuing education courses in Boston, MA here are a few Boston area adult education classes:

Adult Education

Boston Center for Adult Education

122 Arlington Street, Boston MA 02116

phone: (617)267-4430 fax: (617) 247-3606

The BCAE is a private, non-profit adult education center located in Boston

. Here classes are divided into 5 main

categories. Below is a sample of the classes available:

  • Art - which includes classes in sewing, feng shui, music lessons and stand up comedy classes and more.
  • Food/Wine - which offer classes in cake decorating, basic cooking, and wine.
  • Growth - which has classes covering various computer topics like social media, various software packages like Microsoft office and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Fitness/Recreation - offers sessions in Kickboxing, Chess, Texas Hold'em, Bridge and Craps
  • Languages - courses teach Italian, French and Spanish as well as ESL classes.

The fifth category is Child Enrichment and offers classes exclusively for children.

Boston University's Center for Professional Education (CPE)

The Center for Professional Education offers non-credit certificate programs.This unique program is specifically geared towards current working professionals and those transiting into new careers in the professional arena. Classes are available in the classroom and online. A selection of available adult education programs include:

  • financial Planning - a seven course program which covers various topics related to finance planning. This program requires students to have a bachelor's degree prior to enrolling.
  • Professional Fundraising - an eleven part program that readies students to take the Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) Exam. This program requires no prior degrees or certifications.
  • Real Estate Studies - certification is offered in four topics under the Real Estate Studies program and requires no prior certification or license.


Brookline Adult & Community Education

P.O. Box 150, Brookline, Ma 02446

phone: (617) 730 - 2700

Since 1832 adults in the Brookline community have been furthering their education and enriching their personal through continuing education. Through Brookline Adult & Community Education (BA&CE) members of the community can enroll in nearly 2,000 courses. These are just a handful of the offerings from Brookline Adult & Community Education:

  • Business and Finance - where students can learn investing, negotiation, retirement planning and home buying basics.
  • Computers - courses in computers range from intro to software packages like AutoCAD, Gargeband, Photoshop and others as well as private one-on-one computer lessons.
  • Hobbies, Recreation and Trips - which keeps students active with sessions in rock climbing, fencing, golf, as well as animal communication at the Franklin Park Zoo
  • Mind and Body - which covers various self-help topics like self-esteem boosting, stress management and meditation.
  • Test Prep - which includes Driver's education classes for non drivers or parents as well as GRE and SAT prep

Boston adult education programs are easy to find throughout the city. For adults in Boston one of the best ways to further your career path is to enroll in a class for adult education in Boston.