Adult Jumping Castles

Adult Jumping Castles Being Sold in Many Countries

Inflatable Castles Only Rented For Kids in the United States

Adult jumping castles aren't very common in the United States; however they have started to catch on in the United Kingdom and in Australia.  Also commonly known as a bounce house or moon bounce, jumping castles are mainly used by children.  However, they have started marketing them towards adults in other countries.  I think this is a great idea and would love for adult jumping castles to catch on in the United States.

Adult jumping castles are temporary inflatable buildings and structures, shaped like castles that are usually rented for special events.  They are usually marketed toward children in the United States, because there are liability concerns if adults were to use them on a regular basis.  There would also be the issue of the castle being able to support adults, who obviously weigh more than children.  There are also other inflatable items that are becoming more popular, such as inflatable slides and obstacle courses.  They are also becoming more common at local fairs and carnivals, because they're easy to transport.

The price really depends on where you get your adult jumping castles.  The majority of them are rented, but I guess you could buy one if you think you need an inflatable castle at your home full time.  From what I've found online, you can usually rent one for about $300 dollars.  Also, the price depends on how long you want to rent it for.  There really isn't a standard price, so it's best to do some research on what the prices are in your area.

Jumping castles are great for special events, such as birthday parties, school and church activities, and other recreational events.  I'm not sure how the adult jumping castles are marketed in the countries that they're sold in.  Some good occasions that could call for an adult jumping castle are parties, weddings or fund raisers.  Who wouldn't want to try out the adult jumping castle after filling yourself up with wedding cake?

 I'm not saying that adult jumping castles are the next great idea, but other countries are trying it out, so I think the United States should get on board!  Sure, there may be some initial problems if you have 10 adults all using the castle at once, where one pulls a hamstring and another sprains their ankle.  The people should know the risks before getting into the castle; otherwise they'll learn them pretty fast.  If it fails then so what, there have been worse ideas.  Maybe that should be the motto for adult jumping castles!