You remember the big red bouncy ball from the grade school playground? It’s back, and it’s not just for the kids anymore. Adult kickball brings back the crazy, goofy, wild fun of the playground game. It’s a great way to meet people, socialize and get a little exercise all while having a blast.

Who’s Playing Kickball?

Way more people than you’d think. Kickball leagues are forming all over the place. The World Adult Kickball Associations (WAKA) has leagues in 39 states; you can look for one near you.  The average kickball player is a young professional looking to meet people, make friends and have fun. 

A kickball league is a great way to get to know people. Teams usually go out after the game together giving you a chance to meet the other team’s players too. You never know what all that socializing may lead to. There have been kickball marriages and even ‘kickball babies’.

How to Play Adult Kickball

Kickball is a lot like baseball. You have all the same positions: catcher, pitcher, basemen, outfielders and so on.  If you know anything about softball or baseball you know something about kickball.

The biggest difference is the giant, slippery, squishy, red ball you’re playing with. It’s harder to catch, harder to throw, but much easier to kick when you’re up to ‘bat’ than hitting a baseball is.

Adult Kickball LeagueCredit: Photograph taken by Dori (

The goal is to kick the ball, get on base, and then get home without getting tagged out. You can ‘bunt’ with a little short kick or go big and try for a homerun.  All you need to play is the big bouncy red ball and a local baseball field.

Leagues may have some variation in some of the rules, check with your teammates to learn all the details.

Kickball Leagues

Teams are co-ed and you really don’t have to be super athletic or skilled to try kickball. Almost anyone can kick a big rubber ball and almost everyone has a hard time catching and throwing it.

Kicking tips: When you’re up to bat the goal is to kick the ball with the top of your shoe or the shoelace area to have more control over where the ball will go. Kicking with the toe or front of your shoe may mean some wild kicks. You might want to think about bunting. Give the ball a short littleAdult KickbalCredit: by Gamma Man on Flickr kick and then run like mad for first base.

Catching tips: One of the ‘safest’ ways to catch that crazy red ball and not have it bounce or slip out of your grasp is to make a cradle out of both arms. Hold them like you are carrying a load of firewood out in front of you. When the ball lands in your ‘cradle’ then pull it in tight next to you and hang on!

Throwing tips: For most people the ball is too big to palm it and throw with one hand. You can throw it with both hands or try to wrap your arm and elbow around the ball and throw it with your whole arm.

Adult kickball is a wildly growing sport. Almost anyone can play, it’s definitely less intimidating to the less ‘sporting’ types, and it’s all about having fun. Look for a league or start your own, and then get out there and have a blast.