new years eve

A New Years Eve party can be fun and full of merriment or it can be a group of bored individuals sitting around getting drunk and watching television. What party do you want to be at or throw this year? With this arsenal of of party games you can make even the dullest party an interesting affair.

Though some of these games may involve a little alcohol, make sure that all your guests have a designated drive or a place to sleep it all. Make sure everyone drinks and does drive like responsible adults.

Two Truths and a Lie

This game is more fun when played with a lot of people you know fairly well. The concept of the game is to tell two truths about your self and a lie. For example your two truths could be 'I didn't not get my drivers license until I was 21' and "I once hit a homeless man with a car' and your lie could be 'I can juggle five melons like a clown'.

The more confusing your make your truths and lies, the funnier the game is. After you state your truths and lies, the rest of the group must guess which one is the lie. For every person that gets it right, they get a point. The one with the most points wins.

You can also play an alternate version of the game, which is anonymous. You write down your truths and lies and place them in a hat. The leader then reads them aloud. Now the group must try to guess the lie and the person.

Pick Up

This is a fun game that can end in a bit of violence at time. Your group stands in a circle and everybody links arms. At this point you should place something in the center, like an amount of money. The bigger the cash prize the better. This can be sort of like a cash prize raffle for a party.

The object of the game is for someone to get the cash in the center, the trick is that everybody has to keep their arms linked. If the link is broken, the game starts anew. Whomever gets the cash wins the game and wins the cash.

Get ready for a lot of bumped heads and a lot of twisted arms.

Power Hour

This is a drinking game that should be performed at the beginning of a party. If gets everyone all nice and buzzed for the other none drinking games. The game is ridiculously simple, the goal is to just drink. For every minute that passes in the hour, you have to take a shot of beer. These shots can be done as the minutes pass, or you can just do sixty shots of beer all at the same time.

This sounds easy, but it is not so easy in practice. By the time the hour ends you will have drank anywhere from four to six beers. When consumed in an hour, that is quite a lot of alcohol.

For light weights, this should be enough alcohol to last them the night, but even the most hardened alcoholics will catch a major buzz from this.

Never Have I Ever

If you are having a mellow party with just a few people getting drunk, this is a nice game to play. Never Have I ever is a good social game. You basically go around in a circle and say something you have not done. If another person or people in the circle have done that thing, they take a drink.

This can become quite a revealing game and is a good way to get to know other people. So if you are, say, introducing a new lover to your friends, this would be a good game to get everyone to relax and get to know each other.

You can do this with beer if you are just hanging out or shots if you really want to get silly.

Guess The New Years Resolution

Have everyone write down their New Years resolution on a piece of paper and their name, place it in a bucket or  hat. After all your guests have arrived and are enjoying their food or drinks, draw a piece of paper from the hat. Read the resolution aloud and have your guests try to guess who that resolution belong to.

The person who gets the most right answers gets a prize, or just the gratification of winning. This is a good way to get people to better know the other people at your party and a great way for them to start conversation with each other.

Various Tips for a Fun Party

Your games should keep you party guests busy for awhile. However a good party is not just food, booze, and games. Try to spice up your party.

If you do not mind getting your house a little messy, buy some confetti. Rather, buy lots of confetti. Once midnight hits have your guests and yourself rip into it like little kids and throw it everywhere. Since you are already making a mess that you are going to be cleaning up for months, why not throw in a little silly string.

Be traditional, people like small traditions. Get a bottle or two of champagne and have every have a drink at midnight.

Hand out mints just before midnight. It is a tradition for people to kiss their loved ones at midnight. It never hurts to freshen things up a bit.

If you want some really fun decorations, try getting a bunch of white and black balloons. Fill them with helium if you can get it and decorate your ceiling. If you cannot find helium, blow up the balloons by hand and spread them all over the party area. People should have fun kicking them around all night. If you want to get super fancy, try to find a way to restrain the non-helium balloons to your ceiling and release them at midnight. Then it shall rain balloons!