Women need just as strong a deodorant and antiperspirant as men do, which is why there are just as many powerful odor-fighting products on the market for women. The reason is simple, whether a person is male or female, human physiology is the same.

When we sweat, the naturally occurring bacteria on our body rush to convert that sweat to acid, creating the lovely aroma we know as body odor. To prevent this, we either need a strong bacteria killer, deodorant, or a strong sweat blocking mechanism, antiperspirant.

How to Stop Body Odor

Degree has several strong women's deodorant antiperspirants that both block sweat and provide around the clock odor protection. One of the best is expert protection deodorant with motionsense technology.

Motionsense technology activates with body movement. It will release additional bacteria inhibiting chemicals as activity intensifies. At the same time it stops wetness from happening. Expert Active Clean protection also has motionsense technology, but includes energizing floral fragrances such as jasmine and rose.

Other scents are also available, including Cotton Fresh, Fresh Energy with dark berry, lily and tiara flower scents, and Linen Dry which features crisp pear, fresh floral green and creamy peach scents.

Additional Degree Products

Besides expert protection deodorant with motionsense, degree offers women a variety of regular deodorants and antiperspirants. A good choice when you want an extra long lasting defense system that won't stain your clothes is Ultra Clear.

This invisible solid goes on clear and leaves no marks on clothing, yet it still keeps the body dry and smelling fresh. Keep Ultra Clear in the medicine cabinet for special occasions, but choose a different Degree product for active days.

Be prepared for those active days with maximum strength women's deodorant and antiperspirant. The Clinical Strength series is the longest lasting of the Degree women's line. It fights odor with Motionsense technology, and contains up to three times the antiperspirant agents as a standard brand.

Clinical Strength is designed for very active people, but also for people who have trouble controlling their sweating. This condition, known as hyperhidrosis, may require the user to apply the antiperspirant the night before and reapply it in the morning.

For women who want a pleasant-smelling antiperspirant & deodorant, Degree offers their Exceptional Scents series. Exceptional Scents is available in four varieties:

• Classic Romance, a flowery blend of roses, lilies, citrus and berry
• Sexy Intrigue, a subtle mix of red rose, strawberry, peaches and Tahitian vanilla
• Absorbent Sea Salt, which is a natural floral scent infused with ginger and mint
• Honeysuckle and Tea Tree Oil

There are also two fragrant body mists to complement Classic Romance and Sexy Intrigue.

Daily Hygiene

While deodorant products can prevent odor from developing and antiperspirants can stop sweat, the best way to stop body odor is to stay clean. Washing with a strong antibacterial soap is essential, and should always be done before applying the product.

Be sure to use a moisturizer after baths and showers to keep skin healthy. Moisturized skin not only looks better, but it resists aging and damage from the elements. Top off your clean routine with a favorite women's deodorant and be ready for whatever the day has in store.

Advanced Degree Deodorants for Women