One of the things that makes Evernote so popular is its ease of use. Evernote is the note taking application that helps you remember everything. And even though it is simple to use, there are many advanced features of Evernote and the Evernote website.

Evernote and Twitter

If you are Twitter user you can send short messages to your Evernote account via direct messages to @myEN. When you go to the myEN user on Twitter it tells you the four steps to sign up and start using Twitter to send messages to Evernote.

You can also add @myEN to any message and the message will be put into your Evernote account. This allows you to save links from friends without having to dig through Twitter to find the message later.

Evernote and Email

Every Evernote account has its own private email address attached to it. If you send an email to that email address, it will be placed as a note into your Evernote account. This is useful when you want to save email messages with a project you are keeping track of in Evernote. You can forward messages to a particular notebook including any tags that you want associated with the note.

The subject line is where you include the extra information to tell Evernote where to place the email. The format for the subject line is: NOTE-TITLE @NOTEBOOK-NAME #TAG-NAME. The body of the email will become the note. There are more detailed instructions available about emailing a note into Evernote.

Evernote and Shared Notebooks

A shared notebook in Evernote has different features based on whether you are a Free member or a Premium member. Premium membership is just $5 a month.

Shared Notebooks for Free Members
A notebook in Evernote is essentially a folder where you can keep all the information related to a particular project. Evernote allows you to search through your whole account, or through individual notebooks. One of the advanced features of Evernote is that you can share these notebooks with friends or co-workers.

You can choose to share a notebook with the general public, or with certain friends or groups. Sharing a notebook with the world is a way to share collected information on a particular topic that you think other users would like to know.

Privately shared notebooks are notebooks that you would use to distribute information to those you are sharing the notebook with. For example, last year a friend and I were planning a multi-day hiking trip. All of my research about the location and preparation went into a notebook that I shared with him. He was able to browse and search through the information I gathered.

Shared Notebooks for Premium Members
Premium members have all the features that Free members have listed above. The added bonus to premium members is that they can invite others to edit, add to, and delete content from a notebook. Or, they can make the notebook read-only just like a Free member's shared notebook.

Not everyone who uses a shared, editable notebook needs to be a Premium member to interact with the notebook. Only the person sharing the notebook needs to have a Premium account. All others can be Free members, but have the editing privileges that the one sharing the notebook grants them.

Evernote Trunk

There is a section at the Evernote website that is dedicated to add-on features for Evernote. These may be software that communicates with Evernote in some way, or it could be hardware that integrates Evernote into their interface. They highlight hardware, such as copy machines and scanners, that will upload content directly a user's Evernote account. There also point out phone apps that allow you to save notes from the app directly into Evernote.

The trunk is the place to look for any new and newsworthy partners that will make your Evernote experience even better.

Evernote Premium Account

The ability to share editable notebooks for Premium user's has already been mentioned. There are some other extra features you get for your $5 a month Premium membership.

Once your note arrives on Evernote's servers it is nice to know that the information is never seen by a human. But the process of uploading information from your computer to the Evernote servers is done through standard file transfer protocols that are used on the web. While the probability of anyone intercepting your data and finding out what you send to Evernote is rare, there is still the possibility that it could happen. As a Premium member, you get a secure SSL connection to the Evernote servers which guarantees that no one can intercept your data between your computer and their servers.

Free users are limited to uploading 40 MB of data per month. For most people this will be plenty. However, Premium members can upload 500 MB per month. If you upload lots of photos or voice memos, this may be a reason to upgrade your account.

While both Free and Premium users are able to save PDF files to their accounts, only the Premium users can search the text of the PDF.

Premium users are able to upload any type of document. Not every document will be searchable, but the ability to store the document on the web that get synchronized across all of your interfaces (web, computer, smartphone) is a handy feature.

The text within photos gets indexed by Evernote's text recognition ability. Premium user's photos go to the front of the processing queue.

The individual files or notes are limited to 25 MB in size for Free users. Premium users are allowed up to 50 MB in size. This can be very important when saving audio files as notes.

If you want to use the premium features for one or two months and go back to a free account, you will still have access to all of your current data. Nothing is lost, you just don't have the advanced features mentioned here.

Evernote Website

  • Free videos on using Evernote
  • Announcements of new partners and projects
  • Tips for using Evernote
  • Downloads for individual platforms and web interface to Evernote

Evernote is Free to Try

If you are not already an Evernote user, you might want to read about some of the basics of why Evernote is a good option to help you remember everything. Visit for more information about their service. For those who enjoy podcasts, the Evernote team has a podcast that gives more behind-the-scenes information about the product and the company which you can find at iTunes.