Many people don’t realize that cats, especially older ones can build up tarter on their teeth causing sore gums and then a refusal to eat and have bad breath. 

Using an advanced oral care cat dental kit, works really well at getting rid of that tarter and promoting healthy gums.  It doesn’t take much to put a kitty off eating, simply changes in routine, moving the litter box around or sore gums and teeth can put them right off their food.  If your cat has stopped eating or has really bad breath, then a checkup is in order, but if it turns out to be a matter of brushing their teeth, then you can get dental kits specifically designed for cats.

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Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Cat Dental Kit

Now, from personal experience, you will need two people to help you with this.  Cats can be very squirmy when it comes to being messed with, whether trimming their nails or especially brushing their teeth. 

The good news is this brush is designed to fit their tiny mouth and the toothpaste tastes great, you will find your cat licking it more than anything else! 

I simply took a towel and wrapped my cat with her feet in the towel and then had someone hold her while I quickly brushed her teeth.  You can start by slightly lifting their lips and this will give you access to the teeth.

Although kittys don’t usually get the same tarter build up that dogs can, it does happen and as soon as their oral health begins to fail, they will be put off their food and sometimes their water as their mouth tastes bad.  This can be dangerous as they will get dehydrated.

This can happen with older ones especially.  If you have a kitten, it wouldn’t hurt to get them used to the idea of cleaning their teeth as part of a routine.  If your cat is prone to tarter, then switching them or adding some dried kibble to their diets is one way to naturally get rid of it, but if your cat simply won’t budge from soft canned food, then you may need to consider their oral health.

You can also introduce chewy toys for them, but many cats are picky eaters and unlike dogs that tend to eat anything, they turn their nose up at change or even chewy toys unless they are really flavorful.

Once you introduce the toothpaste, most kitties will usually lap at it, so you need to get in quickly and give their teeth a good brush.  In the beginning you may have to do this really quick just to get them used to the idea, especially if they have never had their teeth brushed before.

You could start by brushing your cat (if they love to be brushed) to get them relaxed, and then offer them a taste of the toothpaste on your finger, and then introduce the small contoured brush that has been designed to fit a cat’s mouth.

This can really help their gums and this kit has vitamin C in it for good health.

You can get these kits at most pet supply stores but you can also get them online at sites such as Amazon.  If you have any concerns about your cat’s dental health this would be something to consider.

Bringing home an older cat can be rewarding too.

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Nylabone Advanced Oral Cat Dental kit
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soft little brush and great tasting toothpaste help.